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Skulls and rosy flesh.

When I began this blog, I didn’t know Tim BarrusWe became acquainted via email in the spring of 2007.  Since that time I’ve often blogged about him and we wrote a book about Tim’s years in Paris with Cinematheque.  We wrote alternating chapters, calledOrpheus at the Windows of the Catacombs” which proved to be too painful for the boys who were in the story.  Too many deaths, including that of “Navajo,” Tim’s dog. We withdrew it.  No one wanted to publish it anyway.  They weren’t shocked, they just didn’t know how to market it.  Books are not about writing -- they are about sales.  So I only continue to blog, though I self-publish at 

Tim and I are not communicating now, which means I’m making my own decisions about writing.  This is a list of all the posts about him on prairiemary, some of which were originally approved by Tim, including the ones that include his writing.  Since they don’t show up on Google or any other webcrawlers that I know about, I’m listing them here.  I think the time for confidentiality in this instance is over.  We never had a contract, we never shook hands (we were never in the same place), and there was no money.

Society is changing radically.  The HIV virus that hit the San Francisco community in the Eighties and killed a whole culture -- many of them Tim’s friends and lovers -- is no longer an outlier problem for stigmatized people.  It is a world-wide pandemic with huge political and economic consequences.  

Sex trafficking of children (both genders), is interacting with hunger, and exceeding the coping capacity of even zillionaire Bill Gates.  HIV-AIDS is a part of our world even in remote places where “there are no gays.”  (Homosexuality is present in as many as ten percent of all mammals.  Anyway, HIV is not about sex.)  More intimate than flu, HIV is more deadly because it is so expensive to maintain health -- there’s no end to it.  There is no cure except maybe bone marrow transplants, enormously expensive and dependent on a tiny cohort of HIV-resistant donors who must be genetically matched.  It’s just more research -- not a cure.

It’s not just the expense of HIV meds, but the necessary self-discipline of staying on a strict regime, reporting to invasive clinics regularly, surviving a list of unpleasant side-effects, and wondering what will happen if the increasingly tenuous privacy rules don’t work anymore.   We are about to find out what will happen when funding for meds is ended.  HIV is a vulnerability disease: it paints a big target on your back for co-infections, trauma, systemic debility, and politics.  

Tim has handled his own HIV-AIDS at great cost in several dimensions.  He knows more about the meds than most docs.  Avascular Necrosis, bone death, tortures him.  There is no cure or even any amelioration for bone death except joint replacement, extremely expensive and temporary (ten years or so).  I thought (and I think he believed) that Tim would have been killed by AIDS by now, but instead it is the extraordinary pain of Avascular Necrosis that puts him at risk for suicide.  What saves him is enormous courage and grit.  He refuses opioids, knowing that he was once a user and therefore always hooked.

The boys keep him alive.  He will not do anything that will put the boys at risk -- well, more at risk than they are already.  None cares about sex stuff anymore, except to stop being a human vector for HIV.  Everything is about staying alive.  The boys don’t always realize how powerful they are when it comes to Tim.

Art keeps them all alive.  Art pushes them up against the universe.  All arts.  Video art.  Photography.  Dance.  THEIR worldview: dark, scrambled, disturbing, defiant and fecund.  You can buy the photos online.  You can see the videos at  Current sale at

The dwindling number of my posts is not related to a lessening of caring about Tim and the boys.  Moving the program to the USA has meant much less safety and therefore less disclosure.  The American culture approves of violence to suppress the same sexuality that sells perfume and jeans.  Unless you're dark-skinned.  

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