Sunday, April 22, 2007


This morning I went to preach in Babb and Browning. Along the way today I saw (in order).

1. In the first daylight a silver boat out on Lake Francis, which was like blue silk with a little tint of pink. (The early worm catches the fish.)

2. Lots of calves bucking and cranking their tails over their rears. A few stilt-walking colts right close to their mothers in case of needing warm milk.

3. The Rockies white with fresh snowfall so that they shone against a background of dark cloud lurking just the other side, waiting to come over and rain on us in the morning (we hope).

4. A band of mustangs in designer colors like taupe, mauve, claybank, mouse, buckskin -- all with long tails and trailing bangs that hung over their eyes so they looked through like shy girls.

5. Boyd and Lila's new batch of buffaloes, young 'uns all clean and fleecy, propped on their elbows in the green grass looking like buffalo always do on the prairie.

6. (Back in Browning) Two sets of tall Blackfeet teens on two tall brown horses, riding double. On one horse the girl was "steering" and on the other the boy had the reins. Just as I came along, they broke into a run but no one lost their seat. They say that in the old days young couples would ride double like that, circling around and around the camp lodges while they sang love song duets.

Must be spring. Earth day, too!

My prayer tagline was “We thank God for allowing us to walk in grandeur merely by stepping out the front door. People here really do feel like that.

Well, when the wind isn’t blowing, it’s not fifty below nor a hundred and ten above, and we’re not up to our Alice B. Toklas in snow.


Brett said...

Sounds lovely. I can especially see those calves bucking around; calves have such a sweet smell when they are brand new.

Da' Goat said...

Out her on the edge of the continent I would love to be snugged up there at the spine of the world with those calves. Palm trees and sand warm your toes and tan your skin, but fresh snow on "the front" lit up by the rising sun keeps your soul from chilling over a lot longer. Thanks for the posts Prairie Mary.