Sunday, October 25, 2009


In theory at least, you should be able to hear my first “published” sound blog by clicking on the above link. You might have to copy and paste to your browser.

There must be another step, namely installing a gizmo to play ON the blog. Nope. That's wrong. The problem is that "null" on the end. It means "nothing."

Back to the drawing board. (It's been an hour of looking and finding, repeating and guessing, managing tabs and figuring out vocabulary. So far.)

I'm going to keep working on this most of the day and coming back to edit this post as I go along. It will be a sort of journal. If you're getting impatient, watch the great vid below:

1:14pm Stuck waiting for someone at OurMedia to do something about the verification step. The two words I'm supposed to repeat do not appear. The automated system took my complaint (the two words being missing are at the top of the list) and promised to do something about it.

6PM EST Darrell offers more help about embedding a play button.

Two hours later, I have not succeeded in getting to admit they know me. I have a handful of 3X5 cards, color-coded, with pass words. I've also watched "Venus" with the director's comments on. It would be easier to make a movie.


Still not able to post. I will wait until morning when I can think with a clear head and possibly traffic will be lower. Sometimes techie things, like my pickiup, will sort themselves out if given a bit of time. I think of them as a long conga line of X's and O's that occasionally needs a bit of rest.


I suspect the culprit is my "uploader" Spinxpress. I can't get a response out of it nor can I find a way to ask for help. Now I'll begin to look for other uploaders. I get the impression that some of these programs are so successful that they are waaay overloaded and victims of success.


I gave up on Spinxpress. Now my sound file is on zShare. I think I need two more steps: a player on my blog and something else that I don't understand yet.

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