Saturday, June 25, 2011


Though the time I gained by not posting until July 1 was used to replace my computer (oh, I miss my old white egg of an eMac) and recover some of the lost contents (a lot of it was just accumulated "lint") I'm finding myself having to push away from the keyboard to keep from writing anyway.

Actually, I'm writing online in two places.  One is to a little circle of women pretty much like myself (cousins and friends) and the other is to "Orpheus in the Catacombs," which is meant to be a platform explaining and discussing the actual manuscript of the book with the same name as Tim and I look for a publisher.  The circle of women is closed.  Don't look for "Orpheus in the Catacombs" unless you're in sympathy.

Aside from that I did manage to save a couple of ongoing manuscripts, partly because I put them on blogs you might not know about.  They're pretty academic and maybe hard to read.  One is "Take My Hand,"  (  which is the raw material for a book based on what would have been my doctoral thesis, and the other is "Prairie Rhizomes" which was preparation for an article in an online magazine that ultimately became scared because of googling blogs that mocked Tim Barrus.  Nevertheless, the research is valuable and has proven a good link to other thinkers.  For instance, Aad de Gide, the Rotterdam poet, and Brian Rusted, a professor of communication and performance at the University of Calgary.  The theories of DeLeuze and Guattari have been my best access to the paradigm shift of postmodern criticism.

There are quite a few other blogs, but they aren't active.  Canadians in particular might enjoy  which is simply an online version of one of my father's photo albums with remarks by myself.

It occurred to me that now that traffic is light, it might be interesting to take questions and suggestions for topics after July 1.  I've never done that before.  You could just append them as comments to this post.

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