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REDSKIN INTERLUDE” is a journal-style account of a visit to the Blackfeet Reservation in 1937 by Claire Sheridan, a sculptor and cousin of Winston Churchill.  This is an index to the book with emphasis on the names of tribal members.

Kokaotosaki :  Clare Sheridan's Indian name, meaning  “Star Woman.”  Naming on p. 94.

Estochomackie is the wife of Tailfeathers.  She had an Irish grandmother.  The family lived on Bull Horn Coulee on the Blood Reserve which is in Alberta.

De Fontenay is the name of the host at a ranch where Clare and Hans Reiss found hospitality on their way to the rez.  “Tillie the Cowboy, a portrait by Winold Reiss (circa 1928, oil on canvas, 51" x 41", Montana Historical Society Museum), appears on the front cover of the Spring, 2010, issue of  “Montana, the Magazine of Western History.”  Antoine Thille “Tillie” de Fontenay was a German immigrant who worked for the Park Saddle Horse Company in Glacier National Park. He guided artist and fellow German Winold Reiss, and the two became friends. Reiss came to Montana in 1919 to paint the Blackfeet and then returned in 1927 to paint the park for the Great Northern Railway’s “See America First” promotional literature. He spent the next ten summers creating Glacier art and from 1934 to 1937 ran a successful art school in the park. The painting was a bequest of Tillie’s daughter Barbara de Fontenay Landon.”


Basic Blackfeet words, p. 88

Big Bull, p. 113, 124

Big Eagle (Crazy Crow’s brother)  p. 232

Big Wolf,  p. 234

Bird  (Half-Blackfeet, tribal council)  p. 271

Mrs. Black Plume’s son,  p. 208.

Bull Head, p. 139

Bull Plume,  p. 85

Joe Bull Shields, p. 216, 258

Crazy Crow  p. 224, 254, 264 288.

Creighton, Percy, translator and artifact broker of Sacred Bundles.  p. 134, 152.

Crow Chief, p. 263

“Erika” (Lohmann)  p. 128, 130.  see

Fish, p. 85

Gladstone, Norah, nurse and daughter of the senator.  See archives at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.  p. 223

Gomery, Betty.  Art student with Winold Reiss in 1937.  Indian name:  “Stealing in the Winter.”  p. 79, 145.  Not in the database.

Heavy Head,  Chief of Horn Society, a Sun Dance ordeal dancer.  p. 91, 104, 123 165, 258

Patsy Kipp, p. 269

Kyaiou, pet bear.  A whole chapter.  p. 177.  Also mentions “Tiny”, the fierce little terrier that belonged to the Tailfeathers.

Last Rider AKA Louis Champagne or Champine.  Chief of Brave Dogs Society.  Bro of James Willard Schultz’s wife.  Last Rider’s wife is “Sings in the Water.”  They have a beaver tipi.  p. 86  Also a “Star Lodge,” which is half yellow and half green with big spots of the contrasting colors and a green goose over the entrance.  p. 114

Link, Carl.  Artist teacher close to the Reiss family.  His papers are at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City and he is listed at  p.131

Little Plume.  Had served 20 years for murdering 7 people one drunken night.  p. 85

Long Time Squirrel.  p. 248.

Jack Lowhorn,  p. 202.

Luxton Brothers.  Sons of Methodist missionaries.  A daughter married Charlie Beil.  One was a taxidermist and they ran a little museum that included a “water monster,” a composite of a monkey and fish which Bob Scriver repaired in the Sixties.  p. 220.

Ma’ to Ki (Women’s society, very secret) also called “Buffalo Dance.”  The chief woman is called “ Owner of the Tipi Pole.”

“Neomy” or Naomi.  Wife of Lone Wolf.  p. 113

Nightgun, p. 159.

North American Indian Days. p. 81

Sacrificing Around, from Esto’s family.  p. 187-88 

Schultz, James Willard.  Indian name:  “Aperconi” (Apikuni) which Clare thinks means “Far Off White Robe.”   p. 79

Scraping White (another Sun Dance ordeal dancer)  p. 247

Sherburne Mercantile, p. 77

Shoots on both Sides.  P. 139.  Wife is “Ancient Pipe Woman” who was a medicine woman.  p. 140-141.

Norma Smith, p. 261 and other pages following.

Dick Soup, named because brought up on beef tea for lack of milk.  p. 185.

Mr. Staples, 262.

Takes the Gun Strong, p. 205

Tailfeathers, Gerald.  Son of Estocomachi and Sakoyena.  Listed on and other places.  Many mentions in this book.  P. 134, 152, since Clare stayed with the family.  His sibs are listed in the chapter called “The Tailfeather Family.”  pp. 166-176.
 “Rosie.”(4),  Sekani-Kapé  Dark-Young-Man(6), Nat-Sika-Pui-Kama-Soye  Double Shining (10), Its-Papa-wachka Gerald(12).  Matchisey-Piaki  Beautiful Charger  Phyllis (17), Napim Little Man, Kenneth (20’s), Ayakit-Sika-Piochke-Topi  Riding-a-Grey-Horse (eldest).

Turtle, Chief.   A face so distinguished the he was paid $2 an hour for posing, 4 times the usual fifty cents.  p. 85

Billy Wadsworth (full-blood adopted to whites) married Sakoyena’s sister.  p. 186

White Wolf (93) Contemporary and friend of Many Mules, famous warrior who was the father of Conquered by Night.  p. 241.

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