Sunday, October 27, 2013


Next weekend we shift to Daylight Savings.

Today I turn 74 years old.  Therefore, I'm too old to stay up until midnight so I can post on the next day.  I don't get enough sleep, since the cats and I often get up at 3AM to eat and write for a while.  (They eat, I write while they pile into the warm place on the bed.  Sometimes I get so deep into the writing that I never get back to bed anyway.)  In theory I sleep until 9AM, but the rest of the town gets up a lot earlier.

Since so many readers are in different time zones around the planet anyway, I guess it doesn't matter.  But I'm always fascinated that a dozen people open the blog within a half-hour of me posting.   Maybe they're in Paris.

Next post at 10 PM  Mountain Standard Time.

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