Sunday, September 07, 2014


Among my papers I found this handful of genealogy exercises from Browning High School, probably in the early Seventies.  They are old enough that the worksheets were printed in that wretched purple alcohol-based stuff.  You could get drunk running off stuff in the mornings.  "Ditto", I think.

I'll just post these without much comment.  Some of the names draw a blank, while others are still part of my life.  I evidently hand-copied these from their originals which I presume went home with the students.  I'll put their names on in case you can't read them.  I have no idea who was enrolled and who was not.  I couldn't find a photo of Cecil Crawford in the 1972 Etakaisi, which is the only yearbook for that group that I have.  They were sophomores.

Boyd Evans

Lila Walter

Boyd and Lila married and are grandparents.
Here's Lila now.

John Babcock

Cecil Crawford
(no photo)

Diana Kennedy

Peggy Knudsen

Raymond Cobell

Robin Patterson

Rhonda Patterson

Terry Moore

Lynette Bouma

There were no charts for the following students, but they were in the same year of school.

Craig Wellman

Gail Hoyt

Forrestina (Frosty) Little Dog

Here she is now:

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