Thursday, February 12, 2015


(The post didn't transfer well.)  My mission (in part) has been to preserve my father's photo archives, esp. the early ones, since I'm the person who brought the albums home. My means is blogging, long-form composed essays, using the photos as illustrations.  Blogspot has been my mainstay platform.  Now there are new platforms showing up that are sort of group events with many contributors, more like magazines, hoping for big numbers.

I tried but it wasn't a fit.  Wrong demographic and the features didn't always work.  My provider is not adequate, but I hate to change because of such a long history and because it will mean losing some longtime readers.  This morning the computer is refusing to play iTunes.  It will probably come back after a lot of people stop fooling around on the Internet and get to work.  In addition Medium was always prompting me and pushing me with little gimmicks and suggestions.  If I wanted to work for someone, I would.  Most of the writers appeared to need ideas about what to write, which throws into question whether they are writers or simply aspiring to the role.  Maybe just young.

This simple line of photos below was composed on which is a subsidiary of Word Press, known to be elegant but not exactly easy.  On Thematic there are captions.  The important thing is that it puts the image out there first, which is what I need for this project.  I think the demographic is more literary than social, which is also good for me.  (

Yet I'm putting these photos on Blogspot as well.  (My computer insists that I really mean "bloodspot.!"  It's an eerie little machine.)  My strategy is to compose short stints of image with simple phrases on Thematic, then move the images to where I'll write a lot more and will go back over time to use the photos for prompts with more book-like chapters.

Below, that's me as a heading, about 1962.  Cat-eyed and red-headed -- still lots of thick hair.  The format suffered in the transfer.  (You may have to slide back and forth.)  But at least now you know about  It will grow in the future when I have time to spare.  It may outlive me or else Blogspot might go broke and pull it, or the "cloud" where everything dwells may explode.  But I'm reaching more readers than any book could and in more parts of the planet.  If you want to download any of this and bind it into a book, that's fine with me.  The fact that it is "published" and dated is a copyright protection, which means nothing, so why fuss?

When I came back to Valier, my goal was to create a body of work.  This is only part of it.  Some of it is not on the computer at all, but simply stored in three-ring binders.

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