Monday, December 21, 2015


In the Sixties, when things were a lot simpler, I used to make our Christmas cards.  They were linoleum blocks.  This one said, "You can have Donner and Blitzen -- we have Bucky and Vixen!"  They were our real pets, a fox and a springer spaniel who played together.

What made me think of the Christmas card was this photo.

But if you're not up for cuddling and pets, here's something to read.  I'm not going to post anything because the phone and internet service here has been crazy all day.  The techies I've talked to can't even speak clearly, much less grasp what I'm saying, so I'm not going to talk to them again until tomorrow.

Basically, the Internet has degenerated and corrupted and gotten so focused on money and ads that it is outright offensive.

if there were a joint in Valier that sold booze at this hour, I'd be celebrating Saturnalia.

In lieu of that, here's the Paul Winter Consort.  Watch it at midnight.  I'm sorry for the advertising intrusion.

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