Thursday, June 09, 2016


Squibs and Crackers
(2001 - 2016)

It was an old South Dakota joke from the times when there were many immigrants and languages on the prairie and girls often hired out to work for people with strange expectations.

For instance, the girl went to see about a job and the man liked her, but he said she must use his names for everything.  She agreed.  

He was "Master of all Masters."  His house was "High Topper Mountain," she must call water "cold pontolorum" and the fire was "hot cockalorum."  The cat was "White-faced Siamee".  His bed was his "barnacle" and his pants were his "squibs and crackers."

One night, not long after, the girl came knocking urgently.  (You have to say the rest from memory and as quickly as you can.)  "Master of all Masters, White-faced Siamee got her tail in the hot cockalorum and if you don't get out of your barnacle, put on your squibs and crackers and throw cold pontalorum,  all of High Topper Mountain will be hot cockalorum!"

He was so impressed that he married her.

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