Wednesday, October 12, 2016


My civilized lady friends and relatives urged me to write about kittens because they are so "cute", so I've been doing that.  Above, far left and far right, are the two kittens Blue Bunny moved to a place deep in the crawl space under the house before I could destroy them.  On the far left is Doux, soft and gray, and on the far right is Tuxedo (Tuxie) rather starchy.  In the middle is a kitten from the garage set, the litter of the Grannie Mamacat, the original feral cat on the premises who has been in this yard for years and in this neighborhood for a decade.  Marked like the duckling of wild duck, I called him Mallard, then went to Duckie so he'd rhyme.  (I hope NCIS is okay with that.)  They don't know their names nor even the universal call of kittykittykitty.  They know schedules and the sound of an opening can or sack of kibble.  I shouldn't let them have canned catfood.

Duckie observed carefully and realized that the source of all catfood was through the catflap.  He was a little tentative at first, but Bunny nursed him and licked him the same as the others.  The main difference is that he mews all the time and the other two are silent.  Granny Mamacat still has two kittens, "Mimi" (who seems ill) and "Shorty," who is clearly the child of the Bull Tomcat, just as stocky and marked the same way, except the father has black ears and tail while "Shorty's" are tweed.

Early today I got up to write for an hour or so about 3AM, as is my custom, then went back to bed chilled.  When I woke up again, I was cocooned in a twist of all the bedding, the electric mattress pad going full-blast, and all four cats jigsaw-puzzled together against my left arm.  It was very satisfying and reassuring.

But there are questions.  One of the most puzzling one is why this last post about the kittens is getting so many hits.  Is it the title?  Are people hoping to see kittens in distress?  Ideas?

783 hits for "Kitten Panic" this morning (10AM  9-12)

62 for "Cats (Part 2)" on 8-3

109 for "Feral Cat Update"  on 8-19

I'm thinking of grouping the cat posts on a new separate blog.  But now I'm going to stop typing because they've been out romping in the snow and are descending on the keyboard with wet feet.

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