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For months I’ve been watching the series of vids produced through GQ and entitled “The Resistance with Keith Olbermann Video Series”.  I was following on Twitter.  In case the vids have disappeared from that source,  you can still watch from the website:

https://video.gq.com/watch/the-closer-with-keith-olbermann-trump-russia-and-the-facebook-factor?c=series   That link will also give you a transcript.  I just want to quote the end:

“We will wake up one of those mornings
and Trump will be retweeting another anti-semite
or trying to provoke a deranged foreign leader
or whining about somebody on television
and it will all seem nightmarishly normal
and then during the day there will be
a bunch of meetings at the White House
that we'll hear about, featuring lawyers
and prosecutors suddenly appearing in car load lots
and that night around 6:00 we will suddenly hear
that Trump is going to resign the following morning.
And people will be surprised.
Well, some of them will be.”

The morning may be soon.  Olbermann, once a colleague and mentor of Rachel Maddow, is a dynamic bulldog of a man, the sort that once could command wide political or even ecclesiastical power with vigorous truth-telling.  He describes Mueller’s progress as dripdripdrip, but it might be more morbidly described as rapraprap as the nails go into the coffin of Donald Trump’s so-called career.  

The rumours now flying around are far worse than pee-pee tapes.  I gather that those who monitor them are grateful that they are sound rather than vid since they are repulsive even to imagine.  What that means is that once they are out — they ALWAYS come out — Trump et al will be so vilified that all the people who defend him now will want to dispense with a fair trial and just rip him to pieces.  They will no longer care whether allegations are true.

But the important work, once Oren Hatch (as some suggest since those ahead of him are all accused) is our new president, is to settle down to the task of figuring out how to make sure this never happens again.  We thought our checks and balances would work, but we hadn’t counted on a madman, even after watching hours of film about such people, often praised as genius because they are rich.

How could this have happened with conscientious people on the job?  Obama, Clinton, even Bush, were not stupid and were certainly aware of what Russia wanted to do.  There are several reasons, but the most salient one is the use of the Internet in very clever, hip, and youthful ways that get into minds.  It’s the Cyber Cold War.  Trump had no idea — he didn’t expect to be elected.  It was Jared Kushner who figured it out.  (The two sons are too self-absorbed and uneducated to do it.)  Candidly, he explained how he identified the social media geniuses, asked them to teach him quickly, and acted on what he learned.  The two DT clones were too busy shooting elephants to focus on something that required brains.  They’ve spilled more than they’ve hidden.

But even Kushner didn’t guard his flank.  As Hillary and a certain other irrepressible person put it, Kushner didn’t know what he didn’t know — he wasn’t aware that there was anything outside his own small world.  There was a cosmos of societies out there that he didn’t know existed.  To some degree, that’s true of all of us.  By definition, no one can know the unknown, but one can admit that it’s there and that it can creep up and throttle you before you figure it out. 

This point of view contributes to the idea of the “Deep State” which is a version of the persisting conviction that there is a hidden cabal somewhere that is controlling us all without any accountability or even consciousness.  Some people voted for Trump believing that he could and would break up that “deep state.”  No doubt Bannon was promoting this idea since his idea of a philosophy is a temper-tantrum.

This video from Moyers & Company is persuasive.  Not necessarily proven, though there is evidence when you look for it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYS647HTgks&t=1323s  Trump, or whoever is coaching him, would like to pin this on Clinton, to make us think Clinton IS the Deep State.  Trump is too much of a tin man to be part of any Deep State — he has no sense of government, much less control of it.  Mike Lofgren on Moyers describes it as a structural evolution, the one that Eisenhower warned us against.  Lofgren doesn’t talk about how it has evolved in ALL big rich nations, until now they are linked.  

But also this evolution works in small rural towns and the counties that enfold them, then the states, and then the businesses and interests that stretch across the continent.  This is not invisible even up to the state level.  The old guys at the coffee shop can name the families who control everything, either because the power people own the businesses or because they are in office of some kind.  

None of this can be pointed to as a concrete entity, not even the buildings they inhabit.  It’s all paperwork — or rather cyberwork.  The Achilles’ heel of the local big shots is that they are blind to the conceptual level of the Internet.  They may be very adept at the accounting apps.  Moneymoneymoney.

Where women and kids join the system is that they are so free about posting all kinds of information without understanding that they are NOT invisible and that they are being identified and controlled, along with their families.  Celebrating birthdays means that the information gives authorities access to your police dossier.  That provides the new website that is publishing all your traffic offences for the entertainment of your neighbors.  And that provides the illusion that you know everything about people, which is always dangerous — another source of that unknown unknown.

So nail-by-nail our government machinery is trying to box up one man who has been access to the connections between politics and corporations that drain money into the pockets of people who hide their assets in legal pockets of secret accounting on idyllic islands.  One can possibly be forgiven for the fantasy that there is some kind of divine, or at least poetic, retribution in these hurricanes.  But would they affect the accounting “cloud”?

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