Tuesday, February 13, 2018


The temp is up above freezing right now, but forecast to plunge below zero again tomorrow night.  The roads are whited-out -- that means you can't see where you are going or even whether you are on the road.  I've been in these blizzards when it was so bad that someone had to get out and walk ahead of the pickup with a flashlight (hopefully they can also drive so you can trade off the walking) or if you are alone, you have to hold the driver's side door open so you can look down to watch the yellow line.  

Usually a wind that stiff will blow the pavement clear unless you come to a drift that is impassable.  Then you crack the windows an inch (it's not usually cold because this is a catabatic wind), get out your space blanket and pillow, hope you have enough gas to last until plow comes and enough battery to keep the lights on so the plow won't smash into you.  You're grateful if you have a nice warm dog along.

In town most things are pretty much settled into drifts and plow-piles.  I'll be able to get to the store in town.  But during the severe cold, all the big spotted tomcats birthed by the Granny Mama Cat (now dead) came back, plus Finnegan.  If you've been reading here for more than a year, you'll know what a homewrecker that Finnegan is.  Douxie remembers and screams so terrifyingly that it would scare a catamount.  But not Finnegan.  Tuxie now looks like a bowling ball in a tuxedo but no kittens yet.  She wants me to rub her tummie.  Her nips are like pink corn kernels.

A recent UU death has revealed to the survivors that I'm not where or who they thought I was.  They do not understand that the Lewis and Clark they admire was a curse to the Blackfeet and killed two of their boys only a few miles from here.

Likewise, they cannot grasp the concept of Post-UU.  They thought being an upper-middle-class, educated, atheistic, well-dressed, sexy person was the pinnacle of religion.  They are very condescending about my evolution from the loser they thought I was and a little alarmed that I'm not grateful as they had thought I'd be when they called me up.  I care not.

I need to do maintenance.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Today my eyes need to be away from the computer screen.

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