Friday, April 13, 2018


Friday, April 13  Check the date.

Anyway, I'm overwhelmed.  Back if I ever catch up.



I tried one of those "truthfinder" programs that charge to tell you everything that the data scrapers have found.

It was all wrong.

I am eclectic.  I am not consistent.  Assumptions don't work.

Twice lawyers have lost cases with me in the jury because they assumed that all clergy are conservative.

The assumptions are framed by young, male, urban, sketchily educated people.  Even they should know that if I rent an apartment in a big urban building, I won't know anyone else who lives there.

They know nothing about indigenous people and can't spell anything relevant about them.  Computers are fussy about spelling, but have no references for oral languages.

Amazon and others have cleverly discovered that they can prevent a person from unsubscribing by declaring that the person's password is wrong and refusing to make a new one.

Seven inches of snow fell yesterday.  It is April.  I don't hear any roads being cleared.  I need to get to a county seat.

This "granular" advertising has still not discovered that I'm female.

They still think that people who read about porn are trying to get turned on, not trying to understand and ameliorate.  Or that porn is anything definable anyway.


Anonymous said...

A trial prime subscription or a paid subscription?

I just recently signed up for a trial by mistake as the prime free shipping will not apply to my orders and other than that I am not interested in music nor kindle.

So, I went ahead and canceled it. No problem, although there is a neat little trick in the last page that makes you go round again if you click to read the full text -which never comes. It just goes back to stating your subscription status.
So I did have to go round thrice until I had it figured out. But after that it was all canceled. Back to normal.

There SHOUDLN'T be a problem with unsubscribing. As far as I can tell there is nothing stated in the terms that should allow Amazon to do so. So should be easy to resolve. Hopefully.


Mary Strachan Scriver said...

The trick in my case was that one can only cancel or unsubscribe by going to the platform, but the platform will not recognize my password -- nor will it give me a new one. Neat trick. Very funny. Not what one expects from Brits.

It's happened twice now. I'm very wary.

Prairie Mary