Sunday, June 24, 2018


Every time Pages (other programs as well, but mostly Pages) wants me to do an upgrade, the results are worse and it takes me days to figure it out.  I do not use most of the features (equations) and do not care whether the corners of my charts are rounded.  Years ago I found this program and used it exclusively.  As soon as Apple bought it, the program went downhill.  More hair-triggers, more unwanted stuff, paler print and so on.   Kid stuff, as though it were a game.

So when I get one of those intrusive tags that insist I upgrade "just because", I ignore them.  But they have the last laugh -- the program operates through the internet and they simply shut me down.  It took an hour to figure out which of my emails they are using, invent new passwords, agree to terms, struggle to understand their vocabulary and calm down after being infantilized by their assumptions. 

So I'm going to stop posting daily.  Instead I'm going to dedicate the next weeks to consolidating, eliminating, searching for a program like Writenow was.  I may go to a different search engine since the "new" Google is almost useless, dominated by what sells.  I'll still monitor Twitter.  For now.

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