Friday, May 31, 2019


When is the case closed?  Written statements define what a case might be about.  Some people cling to their elementary school understanding of breaking rules in handbooks -- fisticuffs on the playground, bad things hidden in a locker, dealing drugs, doing sex -- are exceeded by mass shooting.  Now we are challenged to think what is WORSE than mass shooting.  Because the last few years have taught us that there is always something worse and we just couldn't imagine it.  I hesitate to suggest anything.

Impeachment is like that.  The founding fathers (sic) tried to suggest a category that gave priority to the state of the nation.  They never suggested that selling the USA to Russia was worthy of impeachment because it never occurred to them that anyone would do such a thing.  During the Cold War we could have imagined it.  Today's planetary Russian mafia techie operations -- destroying the energy network of a country, sinking a ship, deranging a nuclear plant, crashing a satellite, shutting down the internet, holding a major corporation hostage by seizing its operating system, hacking the atomic bomb controls -- those things were unimaginable until the last few years.  Is there some on/off blackmail out there that only certain people know about?

If the stories are true, the explicit killing has begun.  Of course, Russia has always done such things, but usually disguised the act.  In the days when I researched violence, fifty per cent of murders were estimated to go unpunished and possibly even undetected.  If you know that -- which Trump does -- it explodes paranoia.  That's supposed to be the reason he scarfs cheeseburgers in his bedroom, because he thinks they are not poisoned.  But why did he serve cheeseburgers to entire competitive ball teams?  To show he wasn't afraid?  To make it seem normal?

What my animal control years taught me after many days spent in a court room, quibbling over what was normally something like loud barking since only occasionally do dogs kill people, is that it's never assured that there isn't more evidence out there that would trigger a different sentence.  This is why I think Pelosi/Schumer KNOW there is something still unnamed that is worth waiting for and Trump might even prefer to the danger of impeachment -- which means jail time almost surely -- rather than let the process go forward long enough to reveal what it is.

Possibly it is whatever has the Senate in chains over any action that interferes with McConnell's goals, but does he have that much real power?  It's got to be about either money or re-election, which are about the same thing.  I mean, the Senate much more than the House is in touch with ordinary people in real places, which is probably why the founding fathers gave them slightly more power.  To them the Senate was equivalent to the House of Lords in Britain, where the country dithers over Brexit.

The subject of death has come up in the sense that so many senators are only years away from their natural end.  If you accept the idea that they believe they have no life after being senators, this is convincing.  I mean, why worry about consequences?  Why not go for broke, which means -- ironically -- total denial of change.  It's like someone knowing they will die of cancer soon blowing up city hall.

If an animal is trapped and endangered, one of their extreme attempts to escape is called "thrashing."  YouTube has vids of kittens fighting off veterinarians with claws and fangs.  No one has hit that breaking point on the floors of Congress, but some have begun the equivalent in terms of threats and strategies.  Notably, Trump.  So much is ridiculous and invented, that something is justifying so much energy.

Let's impeach Barr first.  He's a low energy faker who is getting somehow compensated, if only in status.  He tries to pretend he's an insider, but there is no way he can be.  He is not the Mr. Rogers of Washington DC  -- more like the obsolete playboy Hugh Hefner of a bygone time, except that he's not sexy enough to qualify for the grandpa open-robe crowd.

Then wait until someone opens -- probably in court -- the black box containing Trump's still-hidden atrocities.  Hard to think of worse things than have already been done.  If it is true that MLK Jr. stood watching a rape without intervening,  what has Trump been watching?  How can we even think about things that are so awful they might make us go out of our minds?  On the other hand, no one flinched at children in cages, assaulted and dying.  A self-immolation was hardly noted.  School shootings are converted to data: how many, what time.  I think a lot of Trump's cherished faithful are just afraid to think about such things.  And a lot of the lilting "love" pushers among liberals are just as unreal.

When Trump's final and complete case is ready for impeachment, we are likely to know how he snake-bit all those Republicans who were too busy counting their money to govern the country.  Just as Trump was guided by reversing anything Obama did, the Repubs were guided by reversing whatever the Dems did.  Through the looking glass indeed.

If the final indictment is Putin using the Russian mafia to decapitate and disperse America, there is no way we can impeach him.  We will need help from our allies, the ones Trump does his best to insult and alienate.  This is a planetary conception of what needs to be done and it far exceeds a mortal and demented old man, even with all his paid-off gang which keeps thinning out when they find out what's really happening.

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