Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Drove to the dentist in Shelby yesterday.  Sweet clover is blooming in the borrow pits along the road.  Going, there was a road kill badger at the side of the road on I-15.  It's a sign.  (Badger Tipi)  Coming back there was a deer with a fawn. Mother was dignified and walking slowly.  Baby was dancing all around and flaunting his white flag tail.

Grass in yard is shoulder high.  Hail debris needs bagging. Haven't checked the new plumbing.  $800 to replace kitchen sink drain pipe.

Haunted by the children in concentration camps.  

"Honk", the kitten with respiratory distress, wants to sit on my bosom for a while but she's almost a cat (7/8 ) -- too big.  

Might not post more.  

Two story anthologies published at Lulu.com.  Many about Blackfeet.  "Guide to the Blackfeet Reservation" also on Amazon.  US side only.  (My passport expired.)  It's a very big complex ecotone.  Every village is different and not all population systems are villages -- some are not even "Indian."

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