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These two entries are from The Glacier Reporter, June 15, 2006.

...The Honorary Council voted in two new members, Carl Cree Medicine and James Boy. This is a total of nine Honorary Councilmen. Present members include Al Potts (Chairman), Albert Vaile, Floyd Rider, Charles Weasel Head, Lawrence Mad Plume, Bob Many Guns, and Dewey Heavy Runner. Recording secretary is Mari King.

The Honorary Council welcomes CARL CREE MEDICINE to their Senior Advisory Council. Carl has lived all of his life at Old Agency on lower Badger Creek. His father is Charles Cree Medicine, Sr., and his mother is Jeanette Gambler Cree Medicine. His grandparents are Joseph Cree Medicine and Cecile Cree Medicine, Jim Gambler and Annie Whiteman Gambler. He has spent 25-plus years working at Scriver’s foundry and has given much of his time and support to the Medicine Lodge Shelter. Carl says that his grandchildren keep him and his wife pretty busy. Carl is a well-known artist that practices many of the Blackfeet arts and crafts. We think that he can create just about anything! Here are a few of his items: sculptures, bone carving, drums, chokers, medicine wheels, dream catchers, parfleche items and many others. He owns a business called Pikunni Arts and Crafts. Carl can be reached at 406-338-2097 or 406-338-7842.

Comments by myself: Carl is about my age and often in the Sixties he and I were the entire work force at the Scriver Studio. He and Carma have had more than their share of grief in their lives, but they have not let it pull them down. Rather they have grown stronger and more generous to others. Religion has been a big part of this, and they have not used religion to punish or exclude. These are old-time Blackfeet values that helped the tribe to survive. Carl, his son David, and other members of the family (like Jody) were more than just employees at the Scriver Studio -- more like Scriver family.

JAMES BOY is the newest member of the Honorary Council. The HC is very happy that James finally decided to join them. James was born and raised on Cut Bank Creek. His parents are Oscar Boy and Cecile Short Robe Boy; his grandparents are Bird Rattle and Fetching Woman (mother’s side) and Boy and Blackfaced Woman (father’s side). James says that his life has been one very long experience and he will experience much more. Through all, he has learned first-hand about our Blackfeet lifeways and history. James says that he really likes “lots of horses,” especially when they are running free across the prairie, and loves to socialize.

Comments by myself: James Boy did a lot of his “socializing” around the Scriver Studio in the Sixties. He was an expert on Blackfeet matters, often consulted by Bob.

Kimberly Cree Medicine, 17, of Browning died Saturday, June 3, 2006, of natural causes at Blackfeet Community Hospital. She was a student at the time of her death.

She is survived by her parents, Timothy and Angie Cree Medicine of Browning’ her sisters, Rayann, Shanell and Raynell of Browning and her grandparents, Carl, Sr. and Carmelita Cree Medicine of Browning.

Rosary was recited Thursday, June 8, at the Church of the Little Flower, and funeral services were held Friday, June 9, also at Little Flower. Burial took place at the Cree Medicine Cemetery at Old Agency. Burns Funeral Home handled the arrangements.

Comments by myself: This is another in a series of tragedies that have struck the Cree Medicine family, just as they strike so many families in this place where incomes are low and hardships can be lethal. It’s always particularly hard when the lost person is young.

The photo below was taken by Marshall Noice for Bob Scriver’s book, “No More Buffalo,” and shows bust portraits of Blackfeet. Timothy, Kimberly Cree Medicine’s father, posed for the bust of the little boy. All the others are historical figures.

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