Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Ministerial Mug Shot

I kinda wanted to add a mug shot to this blog sidebar, which means I have to post it, so I thought I'd write about it, too, for those who care.

We thought I should have one flattering photo for the Unitarian Universalist Montana Ministry (UUMM...) as distinguished from Montana Ministry of the Unitarian Universalists, which would be MMUU. Actually, I kind of liked the MMUU idea in a home-on-the-range sort of way. All the newspapers in our four towns (Bozeman, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula -- alphabetical order) used this same little photo over and over. That was 1982-85. The session cost $60 and more photos cost $25. I thought about trying to buy the negative for a while, but now scanners make that a moot point.

The photographer was a guy named William R. Sallaz, whom I see from Google is now in Fort Collins but was then in Helena. His instructions were to make me seem "accessible, intelligent, and rather humorous." See what you think. I told him I'd be back for another photo when I lost some weight -- but I didn't lose weight, I lost hair. Now I'm almost back DOWN to that weight in the photo. The glasses have gone out of fashion. Otherwise, you could probably recognize me from this.

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Genevieve said...

I remember those extra-large glasses. I had a pair with pink frames, and they weighed a ton. Modern, smaller glasses are quite a bit lighter, thank goodness.