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by Mary Scriver
Description: Roughly twelve generations of Blackfeet Indians have existed since 1776 until now. Here are twelve loosely linked stories, one for each of those generations. These are about Amskapi Pikuni people, the Montana subdivision.
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Also available from the same source as a soft backed book in the dimension of 8.5x11. It’s about 100 pages long, so if you download and print out the cost will be a bit less, but you won’t have a bound cover.

If demand justifies it, I’ll prepare a deluxe version with a hardback cover and illustrations of the artifacts mentioned in the stories.

These stories are written at a level that even young high school students could read and enjoy, but the subject matter might take some discussion. A “two-spirited” person, for instance, is a man who decides to live as a woman in woman’s clothes. A “cutnose” woman is one who has been punished for infidelity by having her nose cut off.

The stories would be excellent resources for someone teaching Blackfeet history. A time-line is included at the back of the book. The detail is as accurate as I could get it from being around here since 1961 and reading just about everything in print. But they are acts of imagination and I am a white woman, so take that into account.

My fondest hope is that Blackfeet will say to themselves, “Heck, I could write like that!” and then do it.

These are the stories and their time periods.

Dogwoman (1742 - 1766)
An old woman protests that dogs were
good enough for the ancestors.

Eats Alone (1767 - 1791
A chief has everything but confidence
in the Sacred.

Two Medicine (1792 - 1821)
A young two-spirited man falls in love with
a little blonde priest, thinking he is also a man in a dress.

Horse Healer (1821 - 1841)
A woman warrior is captured and taken over
the Continental Divide.

Horizon (1843 - 1859)
An exploring Indian goes back East
and is mistaken for an insane person.

Eclipse (1860 - 1882)
A priest and a doctor puzzle over
what to do with an old dead woman.

Whiteout (1883 - 1900)
An abusive wolfer is killed by his
woman and her niece.

Cutnose Woman (1901 - 1924)
A woman unjustly punished for being
unfaithful finds happiness unexpectedly.

Gay Paree (1924 - 1953)
Three Blackfeet soldiers accidentally
meet in Paris at the end of WWII.

Basketball Warrior (1953 - 1969)
A young athlete goes off to fight at
Wounded Knee but never makes it.

Sweetgrass Hills (1969 - 1991)
A young man takes his Vision Quest
in the Sweetgrass Hills.

The Sun Comes Up (1992 - now)
A female Blackfeet Fish & Game warden
picks up a Blackfeet man who has never
seen the reservation.

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