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Mary Scriver

Bronze sculptor Bob Scriver brought a modern sensibility to Western art. Scriver's third wife, Mary Scriver, authored a biography of the artist, titled Bronze: Inside and Out, A Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver.

RealTime is the name of the program. www.ypradio.org is the url of the NRP station in Bozeman and Billings. This program is archived there.

Mondays at 6:30pm
Hosted by George Cole

George Cole's RealTime is a series of lively discussions about people, ideas and places. Host and producer George Cole believes many of our political institutions--from Washington, DC to city hall -- have become further removed from all of us, the voters and stakeholders in the United States. Whether it's the First Amendment, the often timid brevity of contemporary journalism, or our healthcare system, George hopes open discussion can be part of a "taking back" of our political culture. RealTime is produced by George Cole in Bozeman and Ken Siebert in Billings, and is a production of Yellowstone Public Radio.

George Cole has been a broadcast journalist, a fundraising adviser, and an international marketing consultant for 25 years. In 2006 he was the host and producer of a 15-program series on TVW, the statewide cable public affairs channel in Washington State. His public radio programs Conversations and Deadline 24/7: The News Business were broadcast and produced by Yellowstone Public Radio. In August, 2006, George and his wife Susie returned to Bozeman after living two years in the Seattle area.

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