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Monday, December 10, 2012

"Sex," she said. "SEX."

The computer claims I have posted 2415 different pieces since I began this blog one April Fool's Day.  I soon formed the intention of gathering the posts into something like books, whatever they might be by now.  I wasn't really diligent about standardizing tabs, but on some subjects I did well enough to make a start by using the search strip.  This is the list I'm working with for "sex."  If anyone is hoping to be titillated, they'd best move on.  Mostly this is just generalized discussion of most confusing matters.  No photos.  I may not use everything on this list and I may find others that weren't tagged.  I don't know who writes these little blurbs.  They just appear, the same as the snippets on Google.

Jul 07, 2012
Lately there have been zombie stories in the media which purport to be about sex: people who kill and eat people, but that isn't about sex at all. Nor is it about being bullied in childhood or somehow twisted by adolescence or ...

Apr 29, 2011
Princess Diana was a sex worker, of course she was. Where did you think royal heirs came from? Her job was to produce two male children who were healthy and the result of sex with Prince Charles, no one else. If the sons ...

Dec 20, 2009
Sex and secrets are well-known “coin of the realm” when people are too impoverished to have any of the more conventional wealth. Clearly sex and secrets are interrelated because of conventional morality. If no one cared ...

Jul 26, 2011
It's a great luxury to think about sex in the way I did on the last post, from the point of view of a person with enough resources and freedom to make choices and worry about whether they can find the kind of “fun” partner they ...

Feb 18, 2009
Charlice Byrd of Woodstock took the House well on Friday to announce a "grass-roots" effort to oust professors with expertise in subjects like male prostitution, oral sex and "queer theory." "This is not considered higher ...

Jun 26, 2009
The issue was the famous “Sex and the City” wedding dress layout with the skeletal Sarah Jessica Parker photographed in designer wedding dresses that cost as much as some people's first house. They are gigantic ...

May 04, 2011
How is it that sex has become the main focus of morality in today's so-called civilized countries? By which I mean mostly heterosexual progenitive sex as a nucleus with a penumbra around it of related and deflected issues ...

Aug 15, 2011
Men love sex and women love babies. You could start there. Both drives are very strong or there would be no people by now. If the economy will support the parents and babies (a family) then everything is harmony and ...

Jan 18, 2010
Probably since the beginning of time, but particularly in America, sex is entangled with race. Both concepts have been radically changed over the last decades but behavior has not kept up, particularly when it pertains to ...

Oct 11, 2010
But what I want to note is the candification, the Disneyizing, the infantalizing of sex. Did you know that one of the most popular sex-cruising clubs in Paris features pacifiers and baby bottles for the booze? The desirable ...

Dec 08, 2008
No, it's not about sex, though when I googled the phrase a large number of those entries came up, demonstrating once again that eroticizing and commodification have modern Western life by the throat, if not some other body ...

Mar 16, 2012
since Kinsey asked men about their sex lives and rocked everyone with the news that many of them had sex with other men? This in a time when they were well-advised not to admit it? And now we're barely getting around to ...

Jan 31, 2010
When I was “doing education” for animal control, I used to complain that the four main things I needed to talk about were all taboo in polite society: Birth, death, sex and shit. Of course, the reason they cried out for education ...

Aug 01, 2012
The kids, full of personality, are capable of having relationships that are quite intimate, but having sex with them will really -- to coin a phrase -- “screw them up.” Why is that? I'm going technical and medical now, which is not ...

Dec 03, 2012
Some strands lead to vampires and werewolves, as well as the confusion of mixing sex and violence, either in actuality or in media. The whole genre of mutilating, sexy fantasy comes into play. So does our fascination with ...

Oct 10, 2011
Believe me, this doesn't even come close to the videos of Russian children living in sewers like packs of rats, doing sex acts for food money. No one can see them from any terrace, but try YouTube. The premise of the book is ...

Jan 18, 2012
(Historical reference. Look it up.) Or is it in the consumer, who doesn't want all the fuss and bother of having to develop full-scale relationships in order to have sex ? (Why is it always about sex? Why isn't it about money?

Sep 10, 2012
John S. Lewis, a senior Methodist minister, wrote a letter to the GF Tribune editor confronting the political “outrage” about same sex marriage which defines marriage as legal sex and can think of nothing else. He points out the ...

Sep 21, 2011
I have diabetic metabolic syndrome (mostly because I'm 72), and I write about sex as a nonparticipant (in the contact sense). I am not gay -- I'm solitary and celibate. Viruses are part of our global environment. Hanta Virus ...

Apr 26, 2006
I'm also talking about things that are not material, like secrets, sex, access and privilege. They are most visible when the mini-economy is affected by something that makes it shift. For instance, sex is so easily available (now ...

Mar 03, 2012
He's not the male equivalent of a Helen Gurley Brown “Sex in the City” game player, but rather someone looking for the real thing: trustworthy and lasting relationships that support a meaningful life. I have three responses.

Oct 14, 2011
Sex is often one of the most telling areas for distinguishing cultures and the US is one of the most prudish. ... The movie is billed as a thriller because no one would go see a “philosophical” movie even if it DID have sex in it!

Nov 21, 2012
Another example: many men may like sex, but if a specific opportunity to engage in a quickie is so risky that it may destroy his family and career, he may pass up that opportunity. This ability to properly assess risk and ...

Nov 29, 2012
I think that he would agree with an assessment that the treatment of HIV-AIDS patients is genocidal, particularly the young male ones, particularly the gay, the poor, the dark, the sex-workers, those separated from families and ...

Mar 01, 2010
Too many people try to pretend that sex can only be about desire, that only desire produces children, and that a man with children therefore cannot be gay. They don't know it's possible to inseminate a watermelon, for all the ...

Oct 14, 2012
which they pursue with sex, money, drugs, travel, prestige, dangerous company, fast driving and so on. In fact, when I ... This is the point of meiosis (sex at the genomic level): to create a spectrum of possibilities. Human ...

Oct 07, 2012
HUMAN INTERACTION: Obviously without sex the species cannot continue, but without other humans, an individual will not survive. The essence of this category is brain function in terms of managing thinking and emotion.

Nov 18, 2012
Sometimes starvation, thirsting, lack-of-sleep, self-whipping, cutting, long solitude, possibly drugs, sex, pain. These latter practices are strongly tabooed and stigmatized by institutions in most cultures because they turn people ...

May 27, 2007
If your narcissist is cerebral and NOT interested in having much sex - then give yourself ample permission to have "hidden" sex with other people. Your cerebral narcissist will not be indifferent to infidelity so discretion and ...

Mar 30, 2012
When high school isn't about sex these days, it's about drugs. But this is not grimly realistic -- no syringes, a little smoking because what's film noir without curls of smoke? Sex and drugs are offstage. These kids don't even say ...

Sep 22, 2007
It's 1985, his centennial year, and the writer of the movie wants you to know there's more about this guy than sex. Switch sides from red pieces to white -- this time it's love, not sex. But the point of origin is the same: love of an ...

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