Monday, August 31, 2015


The original excitement about evacuation has died down and the news media have moved on to other, newer fires, I haven't found anything  about when people can return to Heart Butte or what they will find when they do.  There are still cars around in Valier packed with belongings.

Already there are stories about how some local hero would have jumped in a big Cat and have single-handedly created a firebreak around Heart Butte -- except that he was stopped by the Tribal Council.  Wouldn't you just know it?  Not only did the Council prevent the forest fire in the first place, but also they failed to properly control the weather so there wouldn't be wind.  (No jokes, please.)

Heart Butte in July, '15   Photo by KariLynn Dell

St. Anne's Catholic Church

The old round house from when Heart Butte was very small.

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