Friday, August 28, 2015


These are samples of theatrical gels for stage lighting that are labeled "bastard amber."  All three are very like the light in Valier this evening, which is a more intense version of the light all day.  The "Sheep" fire (as far as I know) is at Essex in Marias Pass and has closed both Highway 2 and the railroad, intermittently since they're using it to fight the fire, bringing in men and equipment and taking out the trees and slash they've cut to make a fire break.

Now we're smelling something like incense.  It's deeply, intuitively ominous, as though Vesuvius were nearby and we ought to leave.  This is true.  But there are fire everywhere.

At 7:30PM the light is diminished, now red as old blood.  There was not supposed to be wind until tomorrow, but there is.  If this house were on fire, I would not be able to tell because it is already full of smoke.  I would have to see flames, and the wind is making the leaves outside flicker against the nightlight, the street lights, which give sodium light, yellow.  And my porch light is on -- a yellow bug light.

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