Monday, February 01, 2016


The BoyCats:  Striped Terror and Dust Bunny
Mismatched but devoted

RESTLESSNESS has overtaken me.  The Chinook wind stripped away all the snow and the cluster of willows down the alley from my kitchen window have turned yellow -- a sign of spring.  The tarp on the garage roof has come loose on one corner, so I've got to go up the ladder to prevent it from sailing plumb off in the next wind.

The biggest problem is that I use my eyes so much that they have become congested.  This means that the blood-rich matrix behind the thin retinas have swollen, stretching the membranes and risking detachment or the development of holes, as happened in Saskatoon where I couldn't get good eye care.  It was one of the reasons I left.

The previously Counterclockwise Cat, now sideways.
AKA the Striped Terror

So I may not post so regularly or such long posts, but the first measure will be to scuttle Netflix.  In the current movie wars, it is going more and more mainstream -- meaning less and less stuff I want to see anyway.  The congestion should solve itself over time, but I like my eye doctor and am due for a checkup soon anyway.

Now I'll spend my evenings sewing to catch up on a pile of repair and alterations.  These clothes are at least fifteen years old and I've discovered that elastic waistbands only last ten years.  Luckily, it's possible to install new elastic.

The local gophers should be up, as in "out of the ground", and pursuing amore so as to begin the gestation of their babies when they go back underground.  The truth is that the local farmers have managed to almost eliminate them.  Some farmers have the same attitude towards cats, which may be why the Striped Terror was laid low for a while.  He's dozing next to me now.  I diverted Squibbie to the big pumpkin chair in the front room.

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