Friday, February 26, 2016

THE SERIOUS MAN by Larry Reevis (without permission -- eeks!)

Charley Reevis, Larry's g-grandfather

The other day when a serious man was griping about the home schoolers disturbing the neighborhood by riding their bikes down the adjacent hill that made the dogs bark wildly from behind their fenced yards and forced the residential rabbits to scurry to the nearest hiding place when he heard the Susquatch song.

It was totally absurd as he gave the radio a deep menacing brow.  The serious man had boarded up his windows and barricaded his doors because he lived in fear of area gangsters who practiced vigilante justice.  He was was often overcome by anxiety each time a vehicle drove down his seldomly used country road.

Today he was entertained by a jumbled chorus of off beat lyrics.

The Susquatch song was even more ridiculous than the story of Minny the groundhog that captured his mind a week ago.  (Minny the groundhog was an overweight, slothful, belligerent beast who greedily at the food and treats her handler gave her each morning.  She always perked up when the big day approached when she would be the queen of the ball just like a second rate movie star at a neighborhood bar Mitzvah.  Unfortunately, she passed before her day of fame but her memory still resonates the halls of glory of her self-importance.  She was a blessing for all the wrong reaons.)

A Susquatch wearing a wristwatch he won at a game of hopscotch.  All he cold think of was playing the Susquatch song for a serious man who lived in the state of nature where the police was a figment of his imagination.

Feb 2016

Larry handed this to me in the Cut Bank laundromat this morning.

Natchurly the song is on You Tube:

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