Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Ivanka Trump

What does the Illegitimate President’s daughter wear to massacre?  The same thing she wore to the unnecessary but family-serving move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, connected to and triggering the spectacle of double amputees in wheelchairs throwing stones in slings at Israeli soldiers who were shooting military guns at legs and gassing babies.  I remember when Israel was invented out of compassion after WWII, an event that consisted of such confrontations of the poor and desperate manipulated by the sleek, plump and privileged.  The President’s daughter evidently has botoxed her face into that impassive doll’s mask and implanted her chest in imitation of overbred meat chickens with so much white meat that they are in danger of falling on their faces.

Meanwhile Trump was more than hinting that he intended to order the bombing of any country that disagreed with him, so far sparing only Antarctica.  At 3AM the cats and I startled awake because I dreamt that we’d all been microchipped, an idea triggered by a socially conscious but fictional TV series tale that I had not quite watched to resolution which is why it stuck in my head.  The image of the bloody chip in the gloved hand of the mortician stayed with me.

Meanwhile, according to Ozy Presidential brief, the Trump administration admitted it had "lost track of 1,500 undocumented children, about 20 percent, during a three-month period in 2017.”  They had been removed from their illegal immigrant parents.  Now they will be put into warehouses where I suppose they could be microchipped.  Also, the Pentagon’s budget cannot account for the whereabouts of millions of dollars, but unfortunately money cannot be microchipped.

In the meantime, a spy was arrested for child pornography (evidently considered worse) and in other news put into the same story -- as though it were equivalent -- a WWII child, Anne Frank, was revealed to have put dirty jokes in her diary.  I assume the jokes are neither GLBTX nor S/M in the sexual sense, though aspects of her life could be fitted into the categories — hiding in a warehouse, dying in a concentration camp.  Nevermind — in other news sports betting is now nationally legal and someone is bound to get rich.

There’s more news, but it’s about excrement (the American Gut Project) and is liable to get me banned from social media.  So far the main insight of this study is about antibiotics acquired from eating livestock.  (Not a good thing.)  Ramadan (a festival) does not address the issue of this kind of meat when halal (permitted) foods are defined, because when the festival was developed, antibiotics were not.

Recreational ancestor DNA genome testing may reveal surprising and maybe inconvenient things, like the serial killer just tracked down through the computer analysis of all his relatives.  Myself so far, without lab testing, I hear only evidence in old files about sea captains, alcoholics, and women who died in childbirth.  There are a madman and a poet, but neither is an ancestor — just married in.

Twitter is upset because people are mean and Twitter might ban my friend who writes poems and illustrates them, all about the same things that vid makers portray, but in real life where boys routinely get hurt over drugs and cars.  Twitter doesn’t want me to say “sex.”  Twitter wants to be like high school clubs, featuring things like collecting stamps and raising rabbits but not for food.  

We are supposed to send in our smiling faces but we can’t have the copyright.  (Faces are like signatures — you can be traced.)  There is a program for “following” which is not quite the same as “stalking,” though I don’t understand the difference.

Meanwhile, following multiple allegations of millions paid for nothing though many promises of inside information were made, dozens of old white male lawyers decided to spend more time with their families who were not in Washington, D.C., but can such people ever go home again?  Maybe they should go with their money to a pretty island.  The ocean is rising but maybe not fast enough to drown their paradise before they die.

Everything since the last presidential election has been paradoxically too fast and too slow.  The misbehavior that was so obvious at first has become a spreading business-as-usual and nation-destroying rot that is worldwide.  The secret high classes of major countries — Russia, China — and “sand” countries that happen to be located over oil have set out to distort the planet in their favor.  They are succeeding.

So now what?  We’re scrabbling around to find out.  Some are accumulating a data bank of documented affronts because this is how our Rule of Law idea was supposed to work.  It has to be secret to be successful but the whole premise is that everything should be known.  After the spectacle of watching authorities in their boasting plain sight pull off deals that are clearly illegal, we stand staring and disapproving but do nothing.  (The bigshots own the newspapers.)  These people are off their heads, plainly insane.  So?

It can’t always be that they were bribed or even that they benefit from the violation of laws, but that does seem to be the case.  They are convinced of fantasies, but so what?  Earlier they had the idea that joining a megachurch would make them rich.  They can’t handle the truth.  On the other hand, maybe the truth is unknowable.

A few basic paper tricks need to be reversed.  The crazy idea that a business can be a “person” is not just wrong-headed — it is psychosis.  The conviction that share-holders will be more compassionate and responsible than are captains of industry is ridiculous.  The belief that military officers are more valuing of democracy than ordinary citizens is also ridiculous — their lives are hierarchy, obedience without question, though they are often sane in spite of this notion.

We’ve been in love with sin, wanting satin sheets and champagne though that will not get the kitchen floor mopped.  We want fast black cars with blacked-out windows but never think about how to survive a car crash in flames.  We might just as well fantasize about giants and bean stalks.  There is neither Jack nor Jesus.  We either create a better world ourselves or we suffer the consequences.  The world has given parameters.  If we exceed them, borrow from what doesn’t exist, we’re gone, over.

The President’s daughter wears a cream-colored suit with a flowing skirt.  If in the future she can’t afford botox, her face will collapse; if she can't get to a beautician her hair will be dark and probably short.   If things go wrong with her breast implants she risks poisoning, twisted shapes, infection, pain/loss of feeling, and the pressing need for their surgical removal.  Just sayin’.  Then there’s the teeth . . . and the husband who is a tool of sheiks.

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