Monday, May 07, 2018


I'm changing my blogging pattern.  No longer will I compose 1,000 words for this blog.  I'll post shorter reflections.  Probably stick to a daily schedule, but I'm aging and might not remember or want to.

But I want to continue to post longer pieces that can be used in manuscripts that would be books if they were presented in that physical form (paper sheets between covers).  That blog is

I'll keep my comments on the hallucinations of politics here until after the November elections.  

Several manuscripts are slowly developing.  I've worked on some of them for years.  There are more than these:

BONE CHALICE:  Theory about intense experiences we sometimes capture in ceremonies.  

THE HEAVINESS OF WATER:  About irrigation as it has developed on the East Slope of the Rockies.

LUCY MAY:  The story of my mother.

Today I'm reflecting on the positing about what the earliest animal's genome might be like and how it has changed until it became us.  This won't be posted until later.

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