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Brownin Newspaper Notes 1934 - 1937

[You may remember from yesterday’s post that butterflies were seen just weeks earlier!]

January 4, 1934
Drifting snow so deep that people are using sleighs.
Marias Pass is blocked.

January 11, 1934
Indian courts are suggested

January 18, 1934
Frank Sherburne bridge party .

January 25, 1935
Temp just came up from 15 and 44 below zero

February, 1935
Clay modeling and wood carving classes being taught by Carl Hallig, Jr.

March 8, 1935
Measles going around.

March 15, 1935
Rodney Strang & Harold Scriver visited in Great Falls last Saturday.

Summer, 1935
Robert Scriver leading the Tribal Band for $5 on performance days -- no pay for rehearsal.

April 3, 1936
Bransom Stevenson etchings win prize.
The kids around town have mumps.

April 10, 1936
DeVoe Swank Wedding

May 8, 1936
Robert Scriver, music instructtor at Browning schools, entertained the Music Club at a picnic Tuesday afternoon May 6 at Cut Bank Creek. Despite the cool weather everyone had a good time and the eats disappeared as if by magic. Mr. Bergan assisted in entertaining and the townspeople and students contributed cars for the transportation of the 50 or 60 odd musicians attending. The picnic lasted from 4 to 7 PM.
Fae Hinkle has the mumps.

May 16, 1936
Harold Scriver underwent an operation at the Conrad hospital Tuesday for the removal of his tonsils. Although pretty sick at present, Harold says he’s coming out of it fine.

June 5, 1936
Margaret Carberry Hug filed for County Treasurer.
Chewing Black Bone is the camp cryer for Indian Days encampment. Dr. Rodnick, government anthropologist attending. [His reports were quoted in the Rosier book.]
Jim Stone, 81, is recovering from pneumonia

July 3, 1936
Stan Paul and Mary Augare marry.

Juily 10, 1936
Bad drought

July 24, 1936
Work proceeding on hospital

August 21, 1936
There was a fire started Monday at St. Mary’s near to Hugh Black’s. It was caused by somone dumping some live ashes near the garbage grounds.

October 23, 1936
Monteith, former agent, dead at 83.

November 6, 1936
DeVoe Swank have baby the GF Hospital.

Glacier County Chief
Jan 1, 1937 - Dec 30, 1938

January 15, 1937
Lots of snow.

February 5, 1937
Members of the BMC staff deserves a lot of credit for their help in giving and securing medical attention and transporation to and from the hospital followng the accident in which Mrs. Tellefero was injured. Every member of the firm assisted.

March 5, 1937
M&M Hirum Upham had a son.
Margaret Carberry who was the guest last week of Miss Kathleen Higgins, left the first of the week for Cut Bank to take up her duties as County Treasurer.

April 23, 1937
Pacific Hide and Fur wants 10 carloads of bones.
Three new cement sidewalks are being laid this week in front of the JH Sherburne, TE Scriver and OA Tellifero homes.

May 7, 1937
Holy Family Mission : steam heat installed in the boys’ building plus a generator and pressurized water.
On Wednesday evening the Browning HS band gave a concert to one of the largest audiences ever to pack the large community hall. Each number on the program, which is the same that will be given at the festival at Havre on Saturday, was played beautifully and received thunderous applause. The band dressed in their natty new uniforms, paraded on the streets before the concert and presented a thrilling sight marching to their own music. The program will be in next week’s issue.
Farmer’s Trading Co in Cut Bank is playing $10 a ton for “dry prairie bones.”

May 28, 1937
Harold Scriver and MIss Hazel Overdahl were injured in a head-on collision last Friday evening, close to the Browning Wye while on their way to Blackfeet following the Junior Prom. The other car was driven by a man named Undermouse. Both cars were badly damaged.
The Orpheum Theatre is showing “Sins of Love” which will be shown to men and women separately. No one under sixteen admitted. See a real Caesarian operation, blood transfusion, an abortion and natural childbirth. “If you faint easily, don’t come -- trained nurses at every show.

June 11, 1937
Browning teachers’ vacation plan.
Miss Hazel Overdahl who was injured several weeks ago in an auto accident has sufficiently recovered to be back at work at the Glacier Drug Co. soda fountain.

June 18, 1937
Baby Paul first born in new hospital -- might be Ken Paul?

July 5, 1937
Sun lodge

July 12, 1937
Walter McClintock of Pittsburgh, PA, well-known author of Blackfeet Indian legends, is visiting in Glacier Park. McClintock came to Montana in the early part of this century and began living with the Indians and studying them for the purpose of gathering material for his stories. He has been back there nearly every year since that time.

Sept 3, 1937
Eddie Big Beaver married Cora Calf Looking on August 30, 1937

Sept 10, 1937
Chas Devereaux Jr., a promisiing young Browning artist, who has been studying this summer with Hart Schultz, left this week for Wichita, KA, where he will taken an art course at the Henry Roe Cloud School. Hart M. Schultz (Lone Wolf), the noted artist, was a visitor in town Thursday from St. Mary’s where he has been painting and doing art work this summer. Mr. Schultz will leave soon for Arizona where he will exhibit some of his work.Victor Pepion, who has been studying art under Winold Reiss will leave soon for an eastern school where he will take a course in art.

Sept. 24, 1937
The Methodist Ladies Aid will meet next Thursday afternoon Septembeer 30 at 2 PM at the church. Mrs. J.L. Sherburne, Mrs. TE Scriver and Mrs. KW Bergen will be the hostesses. All ladies are cordially invited.

October 1, 1937
James Willard Schultz just published “Stained Gold” about Virginia City.
Infantile paralysis around
Stuart Hazlett wrote stinging letter about irrigation and starving, idled Indians.

October 8, 1937
Rita Brown goes to Stanford. She is G Granddaughter of Chief Lame Bull.
Another Hazlett letter about housing.

October 15, 1937
Hazlett is after water rights.
“The BMC have[sic] on display at their store,e a new oil cook range, which is one of the latest ranges on the market. It is called the Duotherm Oil Burning Range and is wickless, just like the heaters. You are invited to come in and look the new range over.”

Oct. 22, 1937
Hazlett addressing work and irrigation.
James Willard Schultz admitted to Maynard hospital in Choteau on Saturday for medical treatment.

November 12, 1937
Bird Rattler dies. 37 raids, eventually became judge of Indian court. retired 1935.

November 19, 1937
Wearing the scalps of two long dead Indian warriors, Mrs. Claire Sheridan, British author and sculptress, sailed for England today on the US liner President Harding. The scalps dangled like epaulets from the bright yellow Indian blanket which Mrs. Sheridan wore as a coat. She explained, "It's no worse to wear these scalps than it is to wear a bit of ribbon on your chest to testify that you have been responsible for killed men in the wars of the white people." The trophies were given her, she said, by a 75-year-old Indian she met while living for the past three months among the Blackfeet Indians of Montana and Canada. The owner had taken them from the heads of enemies when he was a youth of 17.
John Dick of the Liberty Barber Shop has purchased the John Lewis home, located on the highway, taking possession Wednesday. [The house was little more than a shack or cabin. Mr. Dick made violins in his very crowded little place and every day went for an invigorating march up the highway, no matter the weather,. He had saved so many newspapers and other things that when he finally died of old age, they found his body standing up between two stacks.]

December 10, 1937
Trying to keep both Marias Pass and Looking Glass open

December 17, 1937
Hazlett -- irrigation meeting
Jim Stone pneumonia again.
TB around

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