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Browning Newspaper Notes 1956 - 1957

August 16, 1956
Harold Boyd married Marjorie Upham. Their daughter is Jerri Ann.

October 4, 1956
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kehoe are home from Alberta after nine week’s motor trip to points of historic interest. They visited the Blood Indian Reservation where he did research concerning Indian archeology. Thomas F. Kehoe and Miss Alice Beck were married at 7 PM on Sept. 18 in the Museum Cottage by Robert Scriver, Justice of the Peace. Dr. and Mrs. George Raymond were witnesses for the couple. Guests: Mr.and Mrs. Roman Beck of Hartsdale, NY, parents of the bride; Mrs. Scriver; Mr. and Mrs. George Andren; Mrs. Georgia Hyde; Mrs. Dorothy Overdahl; Mrs. Nora Spanish; Mrs. Katie Croff; Miss Lillian Cook; Mrs. Catharine Williams; Mrs. Helen Chattin; Miss Catherine Williams; Miss Helen Chattin; Charles Burns; Master Edward Hyde; Miss Janice Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Big Springs and young Bill.

Oct 11
Artists To Do Series of Blackfeet Paintings
Ace Powell & Morris Blake, painters and photographers from Hungry Horse, are spending a few days in this area in quest of suitable subjects depicting the tue Old Time Blackfeet Indian and the modern Indian of today. They plan to do a series of paintings depicting the transition of fullbloods and whites into a common race.

October 25, 1956
Committee Directing Waiver to Make Changes
Dan Whetstone on committee.

Nov. 8, 1956
LT Aubrey to Attend Fine Arts Meeting at Helena
LT Aubrey will attend a meeting of the Montana Fine Arts Club in Helena on Saturday, Nov. 24 at which time various artists and sculptors throughout the state will be recommended to submit models of a Charles Russell Statue. From this group of entries the committee is expected to pick the one to be used in making the life-sized statue of the state’s famous artist to be placed in the National Statuary Hall of Fame in Washington DC. At the meeting Aubrey will nominate Evelyn Cole of Chinook as one of the competitors for modeling the statue. While in Browning he visited Bob Scriver, whom he is trying to persuade to submit a model.

Wilma Franklin and husband take over Todd’s Steakhouse

Nove. 13, 1956
Dump fire consumed Fred Cobell ranch, also Frank Trombley’s barn and hay.
Averill teachiing art.

November 23
Talbott & Betsey Jennings sold a script for a Western. [They were major league screenwriters. Probably the height of their achievements was the script for “The Good Earth.”]

December 13
Relocation underway. [This was part of the plan for ending reservations: send everyone to the city where they would learn to weld or something. Because the planning and funding was inadequate, the real result was the creation of Indian ghettoes in Western cities, which then bloomed into the empowerment movement most people know as AIM -- the American Indian Movement.]

January 3, 1957
GPCo dumps being closed in hopes of clearing bears away from tourist centers. [The actual unforeseen consequence was increased dangers as hungry bears roamed in search of food instead of growing fat on garbage.]

Jan 17
The doings of “Miss Cook” or “Cookie.” [A public health nurse, Cookie waded into all sorts of dubious situations, scrubbing chldren and rescuing animals. She was an old-fashioned interfering visiting nurse and many loved her for it.]

Jan 28,
Now Herman Lucke is president of the Wildlife Club and Earl Eastwood is the head of the Chamber of Commerce.

Feb. 14
New Cut Bank County library
Highway 2 closed by slides.

April 4, 1957
Photo of Bob’s Portrayal of CMR
Sponsored by the Browning Chamber of Commerce. Like a great many other state artists, Bob was interested in the contest from the start but the controversy and political bickering which developed soon disgusted him and he had all but give up the idea of finishing the small two-foot model shown above but friends who were famliar with his talents urged him to continue with the Chamber of Commerce as sponsor. Casts of the two foot model are $25.

School District 7 is 25 by 35 miles along 2 Med and Big Badger. [This is a loosely coherent community with its roots in the Old Agency.]

April 11, 1957
Mr. Shannon died. Widow is Aline Shannon, son Mac in San Fernando, CA, Ruth (Mrs. Anthony Nace) in Santa Barbara, CA. [Mrs. Shannon later married Jim Ledbetter.]

May 2
Blanket beaver is one over 66 inches.
Proposed Indian Museum and Visitor’s Center at St. Mary.

May 23
Gambles building finished.
Mrs. Irene Little Dog died.
Word has been received of the illness of Hart M. Schultz of Greer, AZ, who would appreciate hearing from friends and relatives in Browning. Mr. Schultz has been hospitalized during the past six weeks.

June 13
Russell Memorial Museum Approves Scriver’s Model
Word has been received from the C.M.R. Memorial Museum of Great Falls that they have accepted Bob Scriver’s model statue of Russell for exhibition and will also handle the sale of the two foot high models in that area. The board of directors paid high tribute to Scriver’s talent and ability as a sculptor, expressing their opinion that Bob’s statue was the most natural and life-like work they had yet seen. ...from all indications it would be adjudged that the contest is not entirely flawless and is a much muddled up affair giving cause to much disgust and suspicion.

June 20
Word had been received that Hart Schultz of Greer, AZ, who has been hospitalized for the past two months has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home, showing daily improvement.

June 27
Judges Named to Select Best Statue of Charlie
Charlie Beil. sculptor from Banff, Alberta
John K. Shermon, art critic for the Minneapolis Tribune
Alex Ettle, president of Sculpture House (art supply co.)

Aug 1
Tom Many Guns brings Margaret back from Canada to be his wife. [She told me once that she much preferred Tom to her first husband, who had a tendency to beat her because he was old-fashioned. )

Aug 15
Phil Ward gets his master’s in Oklahoma.

Aug. 22
Keith Seele visiting. Chewing Black Bone names him “Sits in the Middle.” Ish-tut-sick-taupi.

Sept. 19
Gary Cooper inducted into the tribe. Name: “Chief Eagle Cloud.”

Oct. 3
“Kindergarten Hill” leveled.

Oct. 17
Standpipe fell out of the watertank!
The marriage of Mrs. Lexipar Arias to John Bird Earrings was solemnized by Judge Robert Scriver last Friday evening. The newlyweds will motor to Alberta next week to spend their honeymoon. [Lexipar, who was much younger than her bridegroom, only died recently. To say she was a character would be to understate the case, but she was firmly convinced she was an Indian princess despite the obviously opposite facts.]


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I'm looking for Evelyn Cole, an artist from Chinook, Montana. Is she still alive? I noticed she was mentioned in this newspaper. Jenny

prairie mary said...

Jenny, Evelyn Cole has been gone a long time. The last I knew her brother was in a nursing home in Fort Benton, but he may have passed on by now.

I met her and would like to know more about her. Are you a relative?

Prairie Mary

prairie mary said...

Jensine, use my email please. This doesn't work.


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