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Browning Newspaper Notes 1924 - 1934

Feb. 15, 1924
Mrs. Amelia Fox died. She made the buckskin suit that Custer wore into the massacre. Hugh Monroe’s daughter.

February 22, 1924
Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid meeting at home of Mrs. TE Scriver.
Advertisement promoting fur farming.

February 28
Another band already at Boarding School. 27 Indian boys
Last Saturday evening Mrs. CA Churchill & Miss Loraine Halseth entertained a few ladies at a Washington party for Mrs. Bullock and Mrs. George Macfie (of Montreal). The house was beautifully decorated with red and white carnations. Cards were played at three tables.

March 21
Mrs. FP Sherburne and Mrs. CF Hadden were hostesses to a St. Patrick’s party last Monday night at the home of Mrs. Sherburne.
The house was beautifully decorated in green and white. Cards being played at 6 tables. Mrs. Scriver received a very beautiful yellow glass flower basket as first prize. Mr. Bullock winning a gilt-edged deck of cards with a leather case. A luncheon was served with green and white being carried out in the menu.

March 28
Last Saturday evening Mrs. TE Scriver was hostess to a few friends at her home, the occasion being a farewell party for her mother, Mrs. Macfie who departed Thursday for Montreal, Canada. Cards were played at 7 tables until 11 o’clock, after which a delicious lunch was served. The floor being waxed and in fine shape, the rest of the evening was turned over to the ladies as a leap-year dance. Everyone had a delightful time, as they always have with Mrs. Scriver as hostess.
Story about Round Iron Bob Muldrun with Culbertson.

April 25
Old Montana trails -- map.

May 2
Andrew Dawson life story.

May 9
Smallpox story.

May 30
Jim Stone’s 70th birthday

June 6
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s Buffalo Bill statue unveiled.

June 27
Newspaper sold.

July 11
Story about Liver-Eatin’ Johnson
Page of Sheriff’s sales

Aug 29
First Indian vote.

Sept. 5
TE Scriver returned from Great Falls the latter part of last week with a dashing-lookiing new Nash touring car. The car is one of the latest models with 4-wheel brakes and uptodate devices.

Sept. 26 (Paper has expanded to 8 pages)
“Friday Afternoon Literary Club” Percy Salois, Sgt. at Arms

Nov. 21
6 new users added to the City Water in the fall.

April/6/34 (VOL 4, #1)

Approved Wheeler-Howard
Forest Stone is Agency Supervisor
Franchise granted to Suntana to run natural gas to Browning homes.
Fort Peck Dam
Romance serial (Illustrations often feature long flowing skirts of reclining women) Novel teaser: Altho 50 million Americans can be wrong, one little French girl can set things right.
“Father Halligan has determined to have a perfect lawn surrounding Little Flower and we observed him ordering a new supply of seed from the BMC this week.”
“Yankee Jack” and Capt. Joseph LaBerge -- old Steamboat hands -- story

July 15, 1934
Ad for the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.
Oscar Thronson’s dog “Spot” had 6 puppies. by a known father.

April 20, 1934
Browning Merc “Heintz” demonstrator was present to show how to use the products.
Building the hospital
Thomas Meagher story
Bob Kramer’s Wigwam moving to make room at the curve coming into Browning. [This is the concrete tipi that’s been remarkably peripatetic for what appears to be an immovable object!]

April 27, 1934
Commencement: 11 seniors:
Velma Miller (Valedictorian), Frances Vanderpool, Gail Potter, James Welch, Frances Chabre, Mark Cavanaugh, Clarence Bartlett, Jack Kennedy, Charles Thompson (Salutatorian), Charles Sellars, Rodney Strong
Mrs. J. L. Sherburne went to Faithe’s graduation in Salem, OR
Ernest Douglas is President of soph class
BHS band and Blackfeet Tribal band going to Band Festival in Havre.

May 4, 1934
Mrs. Tellefero went to Conrad to the hospital where she submitted to a tonsillectomy. She was accompanied by Mrs TE Scriver and is feeling better since her arrival home. Mrs. McDonald has been filling her position in the PO during her absence.
Ad for Atlantic Monthly.
39,000 Blackfeet in ‘34 census estimate.
Doug Gold has been superintendent in Browning since 1920. Now he goes to Butte where they’re building a new school.

June 1, 1934
John Ground - Chief Eagle Calf
Prohibition is repealed -- big whiskey ads.
TE Scriver & Family will motor to Dickinson ND tomorrow where they will visit their son Robert who will finish his term at the Dickinson Normal. Robert completes a very successful course in music & art and during the past winter has been director of the Dickinson HS Band. He will return to Browning and next fall will go to Chicago where he will continue his studies.
Dennis Ravero, music director at BHS will attend summer school in Missoula.

June 15, 1934
Scottie’s cabins from Glacier Park moved to Browning by J.C. Aubert.
Winold and Hans Reiss arrive.
A lot of measles cases.

July 27, 1934
Son born to Edward McCurdy & wife
Indian Band organized by the Tribal Council in 1931 with 23 members. “Princess Drifting Cloud” (18 years old) is featured. She’s a grad of U of Colorado.)
Robert Scriver and Hiram Upham returned home Monday from a few days visit to the Seawald ranch. They brought back a couple of rattlesnakes which they captured out at the ranch.

August 3, 1934
Franklin Roosevelt coming through.

August 10, 1934
Mildred Walker story in “American” magazine.

August 17, 1934
Whetstone is starting a daily paper in Cut Bank.
Must get rid of water bucket and dippers in stores because they are unsanitary..
Merton Harwood caught albino gopher with a shoe lace three miles SE of Big Badger.
Teaching: Lottie Bond, Blanche Renshaw, Stuart DesRosier
The Winold Reiss Art School had afternoon tea at the Log Cabin Cafe last Wednesday.
James Welch returned home from the Sweetgrass hospital last week where he has been recovering from an injury to his back, sustained at Sunburst where he is employed. He is resting at his home and expects to be back at work in a short time.

Sept 14, 1934
Jessie Powell is teaching at Babb and driving the school bus.

Sept. 21, 1934
An address “Beauty in Browning.” An essay about improvements and yards, new fences, curtains in windows, and so on.

Sept. 28, 1934
Big snow.

Oct 5, 1934

Oct 12, 1934
Mr. Liedhe & Mr. Kehoe of Glacier Park called in this vicinity Friday. [This was not a relative of Tom Kehoe.]

Oct 19, 1934
“Frank Bird Linderman” by Grace Stone Coates

Nov 2, 1934
Story on how and why to plant shelterbelts

Nov. 23, 1934
12 babies born.
9 babies die.
Mr & Mrs. Frank Caldwell of Champion, AL, at Fred Starr home. Caldwell is Mrs. Starr’s brother.
Harold Scriver is now driving a new Plymouth car which he purchased recently from Ed McDougall, agent for Plymouth and Dodge cars.

December 14, 1934
So warm that butterflies are seen!

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