Tuesday, December 19, 2006


If anyone else had asked me to fool around with this “meme” thing, wouldn’t a’ done it because I’m a SERIOUS multi-syllabic writer who has read important French stuff. Okay, there’s one.

Two, right this moment I’m allergic (no snow to keep dust, fungus and other invaders from floating around). The muscles at the base of my skull are a big fisted knot and my ears sing like two teakettles. This morning I quickly drove to Cut Bank (the closest pharmacy, which is thirty miles away) to pick up a prescription. I’m dismayed to see that it says “may take several days to be effective.” You might surmise from this that I’m not a good housekeeper and I’m really a bad patient, and you would be right. I’ll count those as freebies

Three, when I was little I had naturally curly bright-red hair. I assumed this meant I was privileged. My brother had the same hair but wore a knitted sailor’s cap pulled down over his ears to protect himself from fond old ladies. It ain’t whut happens to ya but how ya take it.

Four, my biography of Bob Scriver, to whom I was married in the Sixties, has as much stuff in it about me as about him, but I’ve discovered that one way to reveal other people is through one’s own reaction to them, so I think it’s legitimate. (“Bronze Inside and Out, a Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver,” due out in Spring from the University of Calgary Press.)

Five, I have a special fondness for Tennessee Williams’ plays and used “Alma” from “Summer and Smoke” for acting exercises long, long ago. The fellow who played "John" for me is now a famous actor and director in the Ashland Shakespearean Festival. I just got a Christmas card from him. (Maybe that's not a meme but a brag.)


Anonymous said...

re: #4? ****in' "A". That's the kind of biography I want to read.

WP (the effusive Menno)

SB said...

OK, this happened much too fast to be in response to *my* tag.

So I'm just "anyone else", eh?

prairie mary said...

No, no. This IS in response to the tag from SBpoet and I wouldn't allow myself to be tagged by anyone lesser. If I were able to write poetry like SB, I wouldn't have to read multisyllabic French tomes in order to take myself seriously.

Prairie Mary

Bill said...

Thanks for an enjoyable breakfast read. I took in several of your posts. I once had blueberry pie ala mode in Cut Bank after an exhausting, wet, cold hungry ten days in Glacier. It was 1975 and I was setting out on my return journey to Missouri, by way of thumb.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who reads multisyllabic French tomes is entitled to brag--a wee bit! Great start my day. (Yes, it's a bit late, here; but, I'm in migraine city so stayed in bed with the covers over my head until nearly 10:00 AM. Better, now.)
Cop Car

SB said...

How do you write so fast??

Anonymous said...

sb--If your comment is meant for me, the answer is Magic! Who knows how time zones are handled by our respective blog hosts? I'm in the Central time zone.
Cop Car
P.S. If your comment was not meant for me, please excuse my being a butinsky.

prairie mary said...

I'm having a little difficulty managing the comments properly, so they're a bit out-of-sync, but no one should worry about being a butt-insky. That's the whole game -- to kibitz, butt in, link, object, share, and so on. I think I'll just shut off the moderation function. We had a couple of zealots interfering but maybe they've gone.