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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CALVES: An Interstitial post

I'm making FIMO (Sculpy, et al) calves to sell at the Christmas Fair and Walk day after tomorrow. Last year I sold one, so I'm encouraged. I'm following the Bob Scriver theories of sculpture.

1. Don't be afraid to measure.
2. Keep a "morgue" of photos of the animals for reference.
3. When it comes to size, a "handful" is appealing.
4. The real secret is to participate in the "being" of the calf -- not just the way it looks to the rancher or other onlookers, but what it feels like to be a calf.

That said, my customers are likely to be ranchers, so I'd better take special care to be accurate. White is Charolais and will have a pink nose. The "Hereford" in the back is not quite a dark enough red, but that's the color of my FIMO. Next is a black Angus. I think I'll try a newborn.


Herdis said...

Hello Mary.
I read most of your posts - some of them I do not understand (too deep). Others I just love, especially when you write about your everyday life as a single, elderly woman in a small country village. Our lives aren't that different, even if there is half a continent between us. I would be proud to call you my friend. Now I will just enjoy your writings. Keep up your good work - also the deep ones - they are never boring.

Herdis said...

This commenting is confusing.. Wonder if my comment has been saved.
Love your calves - did you sell any??

prairie mary said...

No calves sold. However, I can make more on order. In the meantime, my niece -- who does artificial insemination and therefore is the "father" of many -- is likely to get one for Christmas.

Prairie Mary