Monday, March 16, 2020


Instead of writing today, I'll spend the time trying to pry Catalina OS out of my computer.  So far I discover that I need to buy one little gizmo after another or suffer dire consequences.  MAC has covered their butts by saying "Catalina is not for everyone."  It's certainly not for people who want to write seriously and continuously.  It's evidently for people who think computers are "toys" and say they "play on the computer" to the exasperation of their mothers.

How hard it is to learn Linux?  I want a simple, lean, dependable operating system, not to play chess or the stock market, or to chat or to have some social butterfly's idea of how to organize imposed on my photos.

While I'm at it, I will blame MAC for:
1.  Arctic bombs in March.
2.  Snow drifts blocking my door.
3.  Climate change.
4.  Virus plagues.
5.  Trump and McConnell.
6.  Toilet paper panic.

Give me a little time and I'll add to the list.

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