Saturday, April 25, 2020


First attempt at beginning a secondary constitution in case of a “United States of the Prairie.”

  1. Nothing in this discussion should contradict the Constitution of the United States.
  2. This alliance is defined in several dimensions but is based on its ecosystems, including river drainage and economics.  Therefore it begins east of the Rocky Mountains, extends north to include Canada and south according to rain patterns.  The edge to the east shall extend to the alliance of states considered the Midwest. Probably the Mississippi River is a good marker.
  3. The constitution shall include economic desiderata like conservation of resources, exclusion of foreign corporations, prohibition of monopolies, and design of transportation and distribution.
  4. Persons who may vote as stakeholders include those in primary residence, while allowing travel for climate amelioration.
  5. Cities within this alliance may be exempted in some ways, but must remain in relationship with the “service areas” and economic feeders by providing services.  Tax burdens must be monitored and proportional to the contributions between city and rural.
  6. Special thought and provision must accommodate historical “reservations” throughout the area.  Goals include economic support and culture protection.
  7. Immigration from other alliances of states and even entry from them, even without the purpose of staying, should be registered, perceived, and marked.  
ALLIANCES are forming across the continent.  Do they have recorded purposes or agreements that could be borrowed?  How do we find them?

All ideas welcome.  I'm spitballing, brain-storming, getting ready for the world after the pandemic.

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