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Sunday, June 09, 2013



When I say “Blackfeet,” I mean people on the Blackfeet Reservation -- not “enrolled” Blackfeet.  I’m going to list people in red and books in blue.  I’ll mark posts about artifacts in brown and posts about violence in purple.

Feel free to download, reprint, forward, quote, print out, bind into books or use in classes.  It would be nice (and save you from being accused of being the author) if you identified this blog as the source.


4-2        This Is the Place
4-3        The Lay of the Land
4-4        The River under the River
4-5        Browning, Montana
4-6        Long Time Ago
4-7        Around the Campfire
4-8        Time-Line
4-9        All My Relations
4-11 One Man’s Family
4-12 Family Photo Album
4-13 Time-Line  1806-1837
4-14 1839-1870
4-15 1870-1884
4-16 George Kicking Woman Passes Away
4-17 1884-1894
4-18 1894-1901
4-20 1902-1910
4-21 1911-1920
4-22 1921-1934
4-23 1935-1968
4-24 Joseph Herbert Sherburne
4-25 Joseph Lockley Sherburne
4-25 Reservation Whites
4-29 Whose History Is It?
4-30 Those Guys Are Like That
5-1         Birds of a Feather
5-3         Notes from Paul Rosier’s “Rebirth of the Blackfeet Nation”
5-4        The Fleeing Value of the Reservation
5-5        Rosier:  Chapter 1
5-6        Rosier:  Chapter 2
5-9        Rosier: Chapter 3
5-10 Rosier:  Chapter 4
5-11 Rosier:  Chapter 5
5-12: Rosier: Chapter 6
5-13: Rosier:  “Conclusion: the Roots of Blackfeet Self-Determination”
5-14: “An Unbroken Circle”
5-15: “Nitsitapiisini”
5-16: School Draws Near a Close
5-17 Notes from “The Browning Review” (newspaper) in 1922
5-18 Browning newspaper notes to 1922-23
        This continues in unbroken chronological order to 
6-2    the newspaper for 1961
6-3         Blackfeet Rhetoric
6-4        John Tatsey
6-5        Index for Prairie Mary  from the beginning to now
6-6        Blackfeet Clothing
6-8        “Firewater” by Hugh Dempsey
6-10 Modern Blackfeet” by Malcolm McFee
6-11 Winold Reiss
6-12 Jack Holterman
6-13 “Catch Colt” by Sidner Larson
6-14 Viet Cong at Wounded Knee” by Woody Kipp
6-15 An Invisible Nation: Metis
6-16 A Homemade Blackfeet Comprehensive Textbook
6-17 Browning Blackfeet Comprehensive Plan of 1970
6-18, 6-19, 6-20   the same
6-21 “Contours of the Land” -- also from the Comprehensive Plan
6-22 Rez Rivers
6-23 More Rez Rivers
6-24 Sandoval/Sanderville
6-25 Major Steele, Indian Agent
6-27 “The Blackfeet” by Theresa Jensen Lacy
6-28 Crafts or Artifacts?
6-29 “The Piikani Blackfeet” by John C. Jackson
7-3         Two Scouts: Kipp and Clark
7-5         Snip Snap!  (Glacier Park)
7-6        "One Windy Day”  written by the Heart Butte 7th Grade Class of 1990
8-10 “A Braid of Feathers” and an Aging Diversion Project
8-14 “She Who Draws the Line”  (Dawes Act allotments)
8-15 The Eight Bears and the Blackfeet:  E. W. Deming
8-20 Which Child Should We Leave Behind
8-22 “Viet Cong at Wounded Knee”  a review
9-2         INDEX to Blackfeet History Posts
9-8         Big Bird:  The Blackfeet and the Condor
9-11 The Backbone of the World:  The Amskapi Pikuni World.
9-12 Blackfeet/Whitehand:  A Bulgarian Movie
9-14 “The Piegan Medicine Lodge”:  A film
9-15 “Daughters of the Buffalo Women” by Beverly Hungry Wolf
9-16 Bill Haw and the Blackfeet Free School and Sandwich Shop
9-17 “El Rancho Gumbo”
9-18 Art in the Churches of Browning, MT
9-19 Faith-based Reservation Management
9-23 Blackfeet Harvest Moon Ball
10-7 Introducing “Blackfeet Bundle Book” by Mary Scriver
10-15 “Eats Alone”  (fiction)
11-21 Boulder Erratics
11-27 “Cut Nose Woman”  (fiction)
12-5 “Half-Breed”  (fiction)
12-11 “Basketball Warrior”  (fiction)
12-18 “Sweetgrass Hills”  (fiction)
12-18 Twelve Blackfeet Stories:  a summary


1-24 Dan Connelly:  The Cowboy Rides Off
3-3         The Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary of Robert and Rita Bremner
3-3         Demographic Algorithms.
3-19 Steve Pollock: Homeboy Superintendent
4-10 Tourist Towns
4-23 Montana: 1911: A Professor and his Wife Among the Blackfeet.”
5-1         Adolf Hungry Wolf’s Magnum Opus
6-4        James Phillip Welch, Sr.
6-5        A Salute to Jimmie Welch, Sr.
6-15 “Fossil Legends of the First Americans”
6-18 Blackfeet busts by Bob Scriver
6-18 Senior Blackfeet Honorary Advisory Committee
6-19 Doubling Back to Jimmie Welch
6-20 Innaihtsiiyi:  “Make Peace”   Piegan Institute Summer Seminar
6-20 A Missing Passage (from “Fossil Legends.”)
6-20 Napi and the Angry Boulder
7-9         Adolf (Hungry Wolf) and North American Indian Days
7-16 F.C. Campbell
7-29 Fire in Glacier Park
8-15 “12 Blackfeet Stories”
8-19 Innaihtsiiyi, Examining the Blackfeet Concept of Peace  (notes)
9-5         Montana Blackfeet Reservation
10-4 Usury on the Rez
10-24 Blackfeet Music
10-27 Sorting Bones
12-3 “12 Blackfeet Stories”
12-18 Dugan Coburn, Shaman


1-12 East Glacier, Montana
1-16 St. Marys, Montana
1-17 Babb, Montana
1-19 Browning, Montana
1-19 Notes
1-22 Adolf’s (Hungry Wolf) letter to the editor
1-23 It’s Beginning to Come Together
2-14 Benton Charles Juneau
2-15 Rosalie Allison La Fromboise
2-17 Who Wrote the Foley Report?
3-6 Foley Report: Table of Contents
3-7, 3-18  More Foley Report notes
3-18 The Tale is Not the Reality:  Senator Butcher
3-20 An Indigenous Anthology
3-21 Senator Butcher, Brash & Blundering
4-18 Print on Demand Meets Textbooks
4-30 Review of “12 Blackfeet Stories
5-15 Minutes of Negotiations for the Agreement of 1895
5-16 Agreement with the Blackfeet Indians of 1895
5-17 Reality on the Ground
5-18 Is Blackfeet an Algonquin Language?
5-22 Primordial Forces
6-3         June High School Graduation
6-10 James Welch Genealogy
6-14 Heart Butte, Montana
6-21 Winold Reiss’ “Old Lady Cree Medicine.”
7-12 Native American Indian Days, 2007
7-21 3 Identity Narratives
7-23 Shock and Disguise
7-28 Donna Bruno and Mrs. D
7-29 Rules for Tricksters
8-4         The Game of Uproar
8-7         Paul Dyck: Rainbow Hand
8-18 Piegan Institute 9th Annual History Conference
8-25 Collector #2  (Sidner Larson)
10-12 Circling the Rez
11-12 School District #9 in 1936
11-13 School District #9 in 1939 -- Croff
11-15 Circles
12-23 Frank Bird Linderman


2-3        Rez Dogs: the Video
2-8        Bet on the Blackfeet Grandma
3-25 Blackfeet Controversies
4-13 Corruption
4-26 Tourist Trade Among the Blackfeet
9-19 Blackfeet Jackstraws:  Law & Order
9-17 Blackfeet Jackstraws: The Reservation
6-7        The Scriver Thunder Bundle
7-13 Summer Sun, Winter Moon” by Rob Kapilow & Darrell Kipp
7-15 Secondary Symphony Thoughts
8-8    What’s That You Say?  Would You Write it Down?
8-14 Outrage and Indignation
8-17 Miraculous!
8-23 “Sinaaki”:  Images of the Blackfeet   (Piegan Institute Summer Seminar)
9-15 The Birth of Scribble
9-17 Blackfeet Jackstraws:  The Reservation  “You might know the game.”
9-19 Blackfeet Jackstraws:  Law & Order.  “In the Sixties if I had some reason” pt. 1
9-20 Blackfeet Jackstraws:  Law & Order pt. 2
9-28 Medicine Cards
10-5 Blackfeet In-gathering
10-8 “Sits in the Brush”
10-12 Blackfeet Jackstraws: Communication
10-20 Cut Bank Racist Violence
11-23 How I Came to the Rez
12-4 Jackstraws:  Native American Blood
12-6 Excruciating Indian Education
12-23 Imagining Head-Smashed-In


1-9        The Reil Rebellion Ends
1-27 Head-Smashed-In
2-17 Water Do-Overs
3-3         A Spelling Bee on a Spring-like Day
3-23 Carl Cree Medicine Sr. at the CMR Auction Event
3-24 Terrance Guardipee:  Ledger Art
3-29 Vulnerability of Boys
4-3         Early Methodist Blackfeet Mission
4-27 Mrs. Mecklenberg, Miss Wilson, and the Church of the Little Sweet Pine
5-15 Shape Shifters: American Indians  (Methodist parish history)
5-16 Indians Stereotype Whites
5-31 Methodist Blackfeet Parish History
6-10 Oil on the Blackfeet Rez
6-12 What’s in a Name?
6-21 Collecting the Dead
7-11 North American Indian Days  2009
7-14 Methodists on the High Prairie
7-17 Curly Bear (Clarence) Wagner
7-23 Victoria Adele Santana
7-25 Kiipippoistoyi:  A Hundred Winters  (Piegan Institute Summer Seminar)
7-27 Philosophy of Reservations: Robert L. Bee
8-18 The New Browning High School
8-22 Piegan Institute:  Kiipippoistoyi
9-24 Napi and the Aggregator
9-30 One Incident: Many Opinions
10-28 Artifacts: A Series
10-29 All Our Bones:  Artifacts Pt. 2
10-30 Artifacts: Stone Objects  Pt. 3
10-31 Artifacts: BIG Stones  Pt. 4
11-1 Artifacts: Trade Goods  Pt. 5
11-2 Artifacts: Pan Indian Pop Culture Pt.6
11-3 Artifacts: Ceremonial Objects  Pt. 7
11-4 Artifacts: Intellectual Property  Pt. 8
11-5 Artifacts: Flesh and Paper Pt. 9
11-12 Artifact Collectors:  Uhlenbeck  (language)
11-13 Artifact Collectors:  John Hellson
11-14 Buy Low, Sell High
11-15 Indian Artifacts:  Paul Dyck
11-16 Indian Artifacts:  Home Collections
11-17 Indian Artifacts; Intangibles
11-18 Indian Artifacts:  The Badger Tipi
12-9 Blackfeet Prosperity
12-25 Rez Christmas Stories


1-14 Blackfeet Harmonic Convergence
2-17 Blackfeet Dog with Many Names
4-10 You Can Tell the Leaders by the Arrows in their Backs
4-23 NA Controversies
4-25 Henry Little Dog:  1946-2010
5-29 “Poia”  The Blackfeet Opera
6-4         Do you Have a Reservation?
6-13 Who Can Go There?
7-12 North American Indian Days 2010
7-17 Imitaiks: The Dogs with Us  (Piegan Institute History Seminar)
8-5         Ramona Goss Davis:  A Contributing Life
8-12 Carl Cree Medicine’s Funeral Mass
8-16 Write this Down!  (controversies)
8-21 Imitaiks: When the Spirit Moved with us
8-22 Imitaiks  Part 2
8-28 Jay Vest in the Sixties and Seventies
9-17 Forked Indian History
10-6 They’re After Us!
10-30 The Piegan Blackfeet  1900-1920
11-2 The Piegan Blackfeet  1920-1930
11-13 The Piegan Blackfeet  1930-1940
11-14 The Piegan Blackfeet  1940-1950
12-2 The Piegan Blackfeet 1950-1960
12-10 Bundle, Bundle, Who’s got the Bundle?
12-18 Metis Stand their Ground
12-26 St. Anne’s Church in Heart Butte  1990
12-27 Alan A. Ryan (1936-2010)


1-7         Salois vs. MATTL  Land Condemnation
1-29 Where are the Books by the Blackfeet?
2-7         The Blackfeet and the Railroad
3-7         The Best of Teachers, the Worst of Teachers
5-2         Ty Show, Blackfeet of the Future
5-3         Heartbreak Butte Again
6-2         7 Years Ago
6-4        “Tight or Loose?”  How Does this Work Anyway?
7-6        I Can See it from Here
7-8         Another Outtake from “Heartbreak Butte”
8-8         Violence on the Reservation:  A White Woman Testifies
8-9         Reservation Jurisdictions
8-10 Proud Squaws
8-11 A Head of the Problem
8-12 Follow the Money
8-13 Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Darling
8-14 Genes and Memes in Religions
8-16 Consciousness
8-18 The System Has a Black Eye
9-1         Real Objects: Virtual Value:  another series
9-3         How Are We to Think of Native American Objects
9-4         The Sacred Object
9-5         Artifact Spoilers
9-6         Evil Artifacts
9-7        Ownership of Native American Artifacts
9-8         Native American Artifacts Haunt us
9-9        The Ultimate Dimension of Artifacts
11-5 Happy Birthday, Eloise Pepion Cobell!
11-10 Native American Demographics
11-22 Go Fly a Kite
11-27 Joe Old Chief Sr. (1921-2011)
12-7 A Card File Made in a Decade (Blackfeet obits of dubious deaths)


1-3        Prairie Liturgy
1-4        Lost in Translation
1-5        Prairie Fire Around Browning
1-15 When Evil is White
1-23 Frakking
2-9         Metis
3-2         Encountering the Future:  A Video about Blackfeet
3-10 Follow Up: Marie Heavyrunner
3-15 More FollowUp: Marie Heavyrunner
3-26 Another Butterfly Theory
3-27 Marie Heavyrunner
3-29 Marie Heavyrunner  3-29-2012
3-29 Allan Arthur (“Arsh”) Stiffarm
4-4         Marie Heavyrunner Murder
4-6         Marie Heavyrunner  4-6-2012
4-10 Antonio C. Burnside (Many Hides)
4-14 Envisioning a Better World
4-27 Badger-Two Medicine
5-28 The McCluskey Boys”  Honor at Boarding School
7-3         What IS a Blackfeet?
7-8         Native American Indian Days in Browning
7-11 Conan the Siksika
7-12 Blackfeet in the Larger World
7-13 The Scriver Artifact Collection
7-30 “Always an Adventure” by Hugh Dempsey
8-28 Two Men Talking Bravely:  “Reality and Dream
9-1         The Throes of Change
9-2         Grand Gestures in a Wide Land
9-4         My Own Library (Blackfeet books)
11-22 Jemmy Jock Bird: Marginal Man on the Blackfoot Frontier
11-24 “Cousin Clare” by Anita Leslie
12-22 Clare Sheridan’s “Redskin Interlude”


1-31 Priests on the Prairie 
2-4        Shadow Schisms
2-5        Culture Loops
2-15 Blackfeet Redemption: The Story of Spopee”
2-16 Index to “Redskin Interlude”
3-2         Tribal Coherence Among the Bloods
3-7         “Napi’s Lookout: the Story of Willow Rounds”
3-12 “Growing Up in Glacier Park”  Review
4-2         All the Blackfeet Marys
4-12 Levi Julian Burd
4-23 Water Wars in Pondera Co.
5-20 Notes on the ’64 Flood

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