Saturday, August 30, 2014


WM. THORKEL CLARK generously responded to the post about "Grasswoman Stories" by sharing some photos from his personal collection.  Thanks very much, Thorkel!!

August 8, 2014

Hi,  I enjoyed the Blog about Mary Ground and spent the morning looking for a photo I have of her taken by my father the same day as the one of her husband John taken with me.  We always knew of him as Chief Eagle Calf and I've collected a few of his cards.  I do recall he charged my Dad a quarter to permit this photo to be taken.  It was in the Park at East Glacier, July of 1939 or '40 not sure now and there is no one left to ask.  I do have a couple of other older photos of Mary but I downloaded them from a collection of photos held by the Browning High School library.  I think they have  now restricted the access to those photos by Internet.

I enjoy your Blogs.  
Regards, Thorkel Clark

Thorkel and John Ground

August 8, 2014

The photo I forwarded is of John Ground (and me, as a little kid probably age 7). I hope I didn't confuse my intent.

 I can't seem to find the photo my Dad took of Mary Ground, John's wife, that same day way back when.

You have my permission to post my eMail, etc. I've attached a copy of one of the souvenir cards John Ground sold to tourists at Glacier Park back in the 1920s and '30s.  I think that the markings are in his hand.

Regards, Thorkel Clark

Close inspection reveals pictographs of a "big man with muscles;" 
an eagle with its hooked nose and tail feathers, a wing on each side; and a calf.

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