Saturday, November 12, 2016


Instead of a longform essay, I thought I would make a little list of the automated information sources that I depend upon to escape the media hypnotized by advertising.  Later I'll list some of the medical sites that send me daily news.  Some are technical, meant for doctors and hard to interpret.  Others are mediated by journalists.  These below are generalist analysis and opinion.

I expect that there will be many sites like these and that some will urge attendance at rallies and conferences.  I don't attend those and I question their usefulness.  I intend to remain a sequestered think tank of one, working in print.

In the near-future I expect many institutional die-offs like the ones closing down churches, including accelerated withering of small towns, but it may come about because of simple infrastructure failure rather than imposed regulations.  This will affect my life, esp. when the water and sewer fail.  But I still don't subscribe to the "doomer" websites.

In the farther future I expect pandemic level die-offs of the American population, something like Russia's population shrinking due to alcoholism, despair, poor housing, bad food, and failure to govern.  The electricity pylons and cross-continental pipelines are likely to persist in degenerate unmaintained form.  Something like our bridges.

These organizations work against that possibility.  They all send automated daily messages.  I might add more.

The New Economy Coalition (NEC) is a network of organizations imagining and building a future where people, communities, and ecosystems thrive. Together, we are creating deep change in our economy and politics—placing power in the hands of people and uprooting legacies of harm—so that a fundamentally new system can take root.


ACADEMIA.EDU is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company's mission is to accelerate the world's research.

Academics use to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. 44,548,076 academics have signed up to, adding 16,275,948 papers and 1,955,350 research interests. attracts over 36 million unique visitors a month.

AEON MAGAZINE is a digital magazine of ideas and culture. Since September 2012 we have been publishing some of the most profound and provocative thinking on the web. We ask the big questions and find the freshest, most original answers, provided by leading thinkers on science, philosophy, society and the arts.

What is Nautilus?
Nautilus is a different kind of science magazine. It delivers deep, undiluted, narrative storytelling to bring science into the largest and most important conversations we are having today. It challenges the reader to consider the connecting tissue that runs through the sciences and connects them to philosophy, culture and art.

In January 2016, we launched SAPIENS with a mission to bring anthropology—the study of being human—to the public, to make a difference in how people see themselves and the people around them. Our objective is to deepen your understanding of the human experience by exploring exciting, novel, thought-provoking, and unconventional ideas. Through news coverage, features, commentaries, reviews, photo essays, and much more, we work closely with anthropologists and journalists to craft intriguing and innovative ways of sharing the discipline with a worldwide audience


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