Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I'm changing my daily schedule.  In the past I've written in the morning and done household things afternoon and evening.  Now I'm going to reverse that because the sun is actually SHINING the way it's supposed to be this time of year.  We've had two snow storms and the outside is still wet mostly, but the snow has melted down here and even the mountains are not so white. I do not want to sit at a keyboard all morning.

The main kink in this plan is my eyes which are in trouble.  I'll see someone next week, but every legitimate opthalmologist I've had over the years has moved out the clinic I attended.  I'll go to an optometrist who pays close attention and is concentrating on doing a good job of sorting the real problem instead of selling $300 glasses.  Good thinking on his part since I can buy Zenni glasses from China for maybe $25.  The business must shift.  Besides, he speaks of honor and the respect he has for the previous owner of this business.  

But it is very clear that when I made the original decision to come to Valier until death us do part, I hadn't thought about vision problems.  it's not really about vision but rather about not being able to drive.  Valier has only one small grocery store and it is dependent on a multi-tasking woman who is also the mayor of Conrad.  She and her crew are doing an excellent job, but a grocery store is a hustle to keep up with.  Can it last?

In spite of all this, all I can think of for the past few days is Khashoggi.  I hardly knew who he was until he was gone.  I looked on YouTube for vid of him speaking, but the site was crammed with opinions and imagined descriptions

The details are gruesome -- so much so that the guy with the bone saw, a professional autopsy expert, wore earphones with music and advised the other 14 thugs to do the same.  All that screaming, you know  The parting-out of any mammal involves a lot of fluid, and in today's high tech world a drop or two is enough to discover intricate proofs of identity.  This was a conventional office rather than an abbatoir.  No drains or tubs.

People are wondering why it has been so easy to get the tape of the event and to discover the identities and flight plans of the death team.  We have a vid of Khashoggi himself confidently striding into the embassy.  Much as I like the idea of his Apple watch sending the sound to his fiancé holding his smart phone, relaying to the Cloud, it's probably true that the embassy was bugged.  Everything is recorded, everything is bugged, everything is planned and protected by interests of various sorts.

The Crown Prince, every casting director's dream of a smug, malevolent, handsome sheik, expresses surprise that anyone cared about some scribbler who, as Trump says, wasn't even an American.  Both of these power-mongers are living in tunnel vision as deep and dark as mole holes.  They are preventing themselves from understanding their enemies because they can't think like them.  There are factors they simply can't get their heads around.  

For instance, perhaps it doesn't get through to them that love was the lure that brought a wary man to the embassy, a man suspicious enough to leave his soon-to-be bride outside but linked to him via electronics  This melding of love and protectiveness goes deep in the ethics of ordinary Americans, but maybe not in Saudi Princes or lying billionaire American politicians like Jared Kushner.  We still love weddings and give them special importance.  No harems get respect -- just jokes.

Maybe the Saudis depended on the grisly parting-out as being too horrible for soft self-protective Americans.  It would be fast (7 minutes), without any possibility of a poison not being fatal enough, and it would be undetectable -- they thought.  If it were a TV series, Khassoggi would have had an implant of some kind that set off an alarm.  Americans see that sort of thing on TV every night.  Chainsaw murders, not so different.  

MBS, the sly-eyed crown prince, is a cousin to Princess Diana's lover, the one who was not in the fatal Paris car crash but had just been with her.  9/11 was performed by a majority of Saudi suicide pilots, though the blame slid off to other countries.  Americans do so love these conspiracy stories and they master all the details.  But they're bad at which countries are out of favor.  Just follow the money and you'll catch on.

Journalists are killed and imprisoned everywhere, at least the kind that go out in mufti and risk bombs and bullets to bring back the news.  At the same time newspapers and even TV stations are controlled by the fads of the watchers who respond to advertising more than hardcore news.

I'lll think about it tomorrow while I clean the gutters.

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