Tuesday, February 12, 2019


People who haven't done the background reading, esp the scientific research, keep jumping to conclusions about what I'm saying and running off with parts for their own purposes, like dogs finding an open-doored butcher's delivery van.  Mostly they want to force some part into the familiar war between science and humanities.  If I talk about the underlying atoms and molecules of objects, they say it's all a dream.  If I talk about attachment through the senses, they say only what we feel actually exists.  No one will say "we don't really know -- we're only guessing."  OR everything counts.

The thinkers who first figured out that language is code that carries a deeper and contradictory point of view followed the same oppositions between men and women, the same privileging of logic.  Elite society sends their children to schools that explore this and people fighting stigma go "up" through tech.  

My thought is radicalized more than what's above.  I'm finding it hard to explain.  Old friends think I'm just baffling.  An old roommate now retiring can't see why I wouldn't be pleased to know the best thing about college was that she was being fucked by a famous old man on his office floor.  (She claims to be a feminist.)  A wife doesn't understand why I want no contact with her because she so valued her dead husband's money and status that even he was impressed.  Followers and enablers of the Western Art cartel can't see that it is a justification of empire and white supremacy.  They know nothing about the many other histories of the West because that stuff doesn't sell.  Anthro fans who read too many books can't see anything outside libraries and think that boiling out their captured "friends" bones to mount behind glass is Science.  Others are hooked on battles and massacres though they weren't ever there, they weep and mark the date, because they crave the thrill.

Margaret Mead used to say that children born after the atomic bomb would be standing across an abyss from everyone earlier.  She was attacked for being too emotional.  The change introduced by neurological discovery, long time, and deep genomic relationship will be a deeper abyss.

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