Friday, February 22, 2019


For a couple of weeks several disasters have been interweaving with each other in my life.  Any one of them would have been trouble enough, but added together they are barely survivable.

After a gentle, warm, persisting fall, the winter fell on us like an ax.  No one was really prepared.  Much colder temps, too much snow, etc etc.  The roads have suffered.  Best thing is the state computer map of what's open and what the hazards are.   This is a guide to the constant cameras:

In two years Trump went from being Clem Caddidlehopper (except for being urban in the most confined and limiting way) to being a big orange toad, a threat to the world as we know it, dismantling all the safeguards of the post-WWII era in the name of greed, a corruption far beyond anything we imagined, directed by the equivalent of Darth Vader-- who is not breathing mechanically but showing his prowess and insight by being seen bare-chested, riding a big brown bear.  (Aside from being impossible, a practice as useless as guiding Trump.)  Is there such a thing as "flamboyant asceticism"?  Despite Trump's tippy-top gilded apartments, when Trump is looking for comfort and safety, he goes to an old golf club, slightly rundown and probably with mice in the kitchen.  Probably an old mafia hangout with many undocumented workers.  Familiar counts.

The basic governmental principles that were important in the Fifties and better known have faded away.  Today's youngsters just ignore them.  In fact, they ignore everything but their own lives.  People who use Facebook are warned in study after study that they are linked to a machine that identifies and uses criminals.  They shrug.  The depth and expanse of networked corruption around the planet is simply inconceivable and yet the evidence is everywhere.  When I began to investigate why so many doctors within driving distance are problematic, I discovered that in the ranks of medical quality Montana is dead last.  Fiftieth.  BELOW the usual suspects, like Alabama.  To young adults all of this is evidently irrelevant unless sports are involved in some way.

It's boring to tell you much more about dislocating my shoulder until I've thought about it more and my head is more clear.  There's a thread about drugs, a thread about peripheral businesses, a thread about militarism, a thread about the quality of doctor's lives.  Then there's the problem of making plumbers angry at me.  My shower leaks, my drains suffocate, etc.

I had special probs because of being such an isolate and living in a village with a dubious relationship with medical provisions.  A sort of Chinese disapproval of any kind of nonconformity prevents constructive change.  That and newcomers determined to treat this village as the fantasy they have, not just about this specific town, but what they believe about how much humans can control their lives.  Of course, I'd believed I could survive on my own and cope with whatever came, which is false.  There is a possibly long and varying state of in-and-out chronically afflicted.

And few ever talk about the problem of dealing with the death of others to whom one has been close.  One goes on talking to them.

But I think I'll lower my rules of posting every day and maintaining a 1,000 word goal, at least for now

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