Wednesday, December 19, 2018


I finally found my copy of "Redskin Interlude" by Clare Sheridan (1938, Nicholson and Watson, London.)

The book was in the last place I looked.  Too bad it wasn't in the first place I looked, but then that would have been the last place I looked.

I'll just post it with no comment, though I know some purists who like the world to be black and white will object.  If you can get access, possibly through Interlibrary Loan or the used book market, you'll find a lot of discussion about people moving from one world to another.  Never blame.


I feel it is a great privilege to write a preface to this book, for Kokotosa is the first white person to live the life of an Indian on the Reservation.

She understood us and entered whole-heartedly into our life as one of our own people.

The great love and friendship she gave to us enabled her to learn a very great deal about us, unknown to most white people.

We appreciate the fact that one who has seen so much of the world should happen to come to us and learn of our simple life.

My Indian people will always remember how she enjoyed living in our tepees and in my home at Bull Horn CoulĂ©e,  We just think of her as one of our very own.

May God bless her graciously in her native land, and may her pen be ever active, for we need the great truths of which she writes.


Wife of Tailfeathers

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