Friday, July 31, 2020


This is all getting scarier than politics.

I went back to to update my new email address and discovered that they have morphed from a printing company to a publishing company.  First they lost my request to change my address for months (literally) and now they say I must swear to have read the terms and conditions.  They were 42 pages long.  I printed it out to read over time.  But merely printing it took so long that the website declared my opportunity to renew my password had taken too long and I'd have to start over.  

Now I wonder whether I should go to a different really PRINTING website and what will happen to the books I already publish through  Some of them have already mysteriously become available as free downloads from the Internet and others are featured on Amazon on "my page".  Opposite directions.

So I go back to look at Medium and am confronted by a headline that demands "Why is no one reading your posts?"  The proposed answer is that I'm not enticing enough.  I must use striking images and write more interesting things.  No comment about content.

Then Medium announces that it's working on a beta version of a new component that will be like Blogger.  But I just LEFT Blogger.

I feel like a guy with one foot on a pier and the other foot on a rowboat.  

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