Thursday, September 03, 2020


I keep thinking about lemmings.  I never really believed that overpopulation caused animals to act like this -- hurling themselves over cliffs -- but here is Trump urging ourselves, we little critters, to go out and get infected with the same result.  Of course, it's going to get at those who quit going to church because it was boring and didn't matter.  Now they'll go, no masks, sitting close together and singing, because it's an act of defiance.  

And self-destruction.

The great irony is that Trump believes that the way to get people to follow him again is to hang on to that lectern to bellow and make faces.  But every time -- as his nomination performance demonstrates -- it turns more people off.

And the more he urges people to take no precautions, the more of the Trump fans who used to be Republicans will die.

Every night when I try to watch Rachel Maddow there is interference and the show is cut short, before the final interview.  I just wait and watch the whole show the next morning, but what petty stuff goes on.

Hollywood has discovered "Ammonites" and features them in a new movie.  This is a link to the trailer.

Blackfeet and those who study them will realize that ammonites are the ubiquitous pre-historic sea creatures whose fossils are "buffalo stones."  The ones a person can find around here are pocket-sized.  Some along the coast of Europe can be three-feet across!
This is by far the deepest and most encouraging Corvid-19 story I've read so far.


On Feburary 2, 1839, the Original Joseph Kipp, then fifty-one, married Mary Bloodgood, twenty-five.  This was roughly the same relative ages as Bob Scriver and myself.  The similarity means nothing.  Mary might have been Joe's third wife but it's hard to tell. There were several wives from several tribes, including Euro.

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