Wednesday, September 02, 2020


People who rely on skin and hair appearance to define what "race" people are get baffled by combinations like Asian, indigenous American, Mexican, Mediterranean, etc.  They don't quite know how how to think about Mahala Harris.

In the meantime, I'm watching "How to Get Away with Murder" and noting that every aspect of the heroine's life is symbolized by a new wig that totally changes the way she looks.  We're like birds, judging by appearance.

I see that Trump's foot flop persists but his knee seems more stable.  Must have one of those new-fangled braces on it.

But it's possible that Melania's friend's book has lost him his tall hand-holder.

Portland's "Black Lives Matter" are quite correct, but they forget that they only reason Portland has blacks is that Kaiser brought them in to build boats and planes and he recruited share-croppers, not big shots.  They descended from people who were little more than serfs -- their great-grands -- and were displaced by the Vanport Flood through North and Northwest Portland.  They've made great strides, but it was a long haul and isn't finished.  In fact, some went back South. 
They may have been ambushed by climate change and the pandemic hitting the South so hard.

This essay on "" addresses the split between Grannon and Vaknin, though it never mentions them.  It does NOT look at the major change in what science says  human being is, how they work, making Freud obsolete and calling into question some norms.  I've not been impressed by much counseling I've had, though going into the ministry can mean working with a LOT of people of various kinds.

I dread the return of the "adjustment to conformity" standards of the Fifties.

I see the dilemma.  If Trump is somehow removed, Pence becomes President but he, like Ford, could pardon Trump for federal crimes -- NOT state crimes.  But Pence may also be about to be indicted.  That could make Pelosi President.  Eeks!

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