Wednesday, September 02, 2020


We're told that Trump was so out-of-it that he suggested crooks for the Supreme Court.  When that didn't work, he just delegated the whole thing to Don McGahn who recruited Repub right wingers that Mitch McConnell rammed through Congress.  The best they could do was whining, beer-soaked Kavanaugh and even then had to pay him a bazillion dollars (suspected).  Where were all the dignified, respected Repub candidates?

It's not surprising that Clackamas County and Vancouver, WA deputies didn't want to send in help to Portland.  They are redneck refuges for people in low-cost housing or rural farmers.

I'm watching all the home environments we see now.  The big shots all have fireplaces and big white sofas.  (I'm not mentioning the NPR cats.)  In offices and movies we used to see little pots of green stuff on desks and windowsills.  Now we see little nosegays on top of bookcases or mantels.  But I sometimes have the impression that the same weary white phalaenopsis "moth" orchid gets dragged around from one film to another.

It's too early to tell whether the "benfotiamine" version of thiamine is doing anything.  The oxymeter on my finger shows me tipping back and forth over 90 which is barely normal.  Changes in body cells and operation can take time.

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