Friday, September 11, 2020


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How to eat lunch if you're a kitten:
1. Get into the bowl on top of the kibble so no other kitten can eat any.
2.  If you get tired while eating, it's possible to sleep on kibble and even if you've eaten it all, good to have a bowl to curl up in.

I'm trying out the "discussion" feature of  In fact, I'm a little surprised at the quality and significance of some of the posts on this website as well as

As to the mask controversy, I keep remembering an old WWII joke.  If an order is given to an Englishman, he simply obeys.  If an order is given to an American, he will argue and reject it.  If an order is given to the third category (the one to which the joke teller belongs), he will reflect briefly, then do it and do it well.

They say that serial killers get caught because
every time they kill, they get more brazen.  Eventually they're right out in the open.  Evidently this goes for lawyers as well.

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