Wednesday, September 09, 2020


For those who try to understand religious institutions, this is a very useful and thought-provoking essay.  Maybe I'll come back to it and post a blog about this idea of the believed embattlement thinking of Evangelicals, even as they think God will make them rich.

But I do wish the reporters would stop saying "traditional" when what they really mean is "19th Century."  Most of what these "traditional" Christians defend is merely what their grandfathers thought.

I like that word "sissification" and want to think about it more.

Trump did not drain the swamp, but he himself has been thoroughly drained.

Mammals are distinguished by the ability to give milk.  Some reptiles gestate their babies in their bodies instead of eggs, but no reptile has nipples.  Some mammals just secrete milk without nipples into grooves their babies lick.

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