Friday, September 04, 2020


Given the revelations about Trump's scorn for military heroism and martyrdom, it's surprising that General Kelly -- standing with Trump next to the grave of the General's son in a military cemetery didn't simply punch out the cowardly, empty, Orange Fool.

Doesn't Trump understand that he's insulting people who are armed?

Settling down for a postprandial nap when the town broke open.  A Honda driving with one whole wheel missing ripped down the main street passed by my house, in close pursuit by every law enforcement officer for miles with sirens on high.  Feds, border patrol, highway patrol, Pondera County, Glacier County and unmarked cars went screaming by towards the little airport.  My neighbors knew what agency that every car belonged to, including the unmarked vehicle.

The entourage stopped at the head of my street and those who were fleeing ran into a house.  An NA woman was taken out in handcuffs.  A man was lying on the ground until the ambulance came for him.  

All work has stopped while everyone talks in the street.  Many stories and theories.  My roof -- sigh.  Abandoned.

The point of a nation is basically twofold.  One is the protection of the citizens when times are hard and the other is maintenance of armed forces for when there are threats from outside.  Trump doesn't qualify to lead a nation on either count.

If you're taking notes, both of my brothers were Marines, voluntarily.  Bob Scriver and his brother were both Army members in WWII.  Bob Scriver's Flatiron Ranch, which is now a study center for the environment, previously belonged to the Doane family.  Mike Doane, their son, served in the Vietnam War and is on the Memorial Wall in Washington DC.  

Many indigenous people have served in every American war even before there WAS an America.

Full moon -- maybe a little paring off one side.

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