Tuesday, June 25, 2019


I lied. I DID self-publish books dedicated to the SmashStreet boys, but my defense is that they never sold.  If a book is only "printed", is it really sold?  "Out There" is mostly Westerns.  "Willow Sticks" is  Blackfeet stories.  These are five years old.  None are about reality.

Short stories by Mary Scriver

For Tim and the boys: I embrace them all.
Copyright 2014

Table of Contents

The Sheriff and the Cat (True story) French-Milled Soap
Sheila Moira May O’Hara
Duchess of the Boarding House 

The Railroad Watch
Cup Ranch

The Acting Coach
The Man Who Preferred Stallions

Aunt Tildy
What the Dumpground Lady Knows

But Could He Play Vivaldi?
My Little Man
The Joy Boy
The Hall Boy
Three Grannies and Three boys

Raw Fear
Vignettes for Veteran’s Day
Fan Fiction for Anthony Chisholm

Dark Swan

An Old Story


Drove to the dentist in Shelby yesterday.  Sweet clover is blooming in the borrow pits along the road.  Going, there was a road kill badger at the side of the road on I-15.  It's a sign.  (Badger Tipi)  Coming back there was a deer with a fawn. Mother was dignified and walking slowly.  Baby was dancing all around and flaunting his white flag tail.

Grass in yard is shoulder high.  Hail debris needs bagging. Haven't checked the new plumbing.  $800 to replace kitchen sink drain pipe.

Haunted by the children in concentration camps.  

"Honk", the kitten with respiratory distress, wants to sit on my bosom for a while but she's almost a cat (7/8 ) -- too big.  

Might not post more.  

Two story anthologies published at Lulu.com.  Many about Blackfeet.  "Guide to the Blackfeet Reservation" also on Amazon.  US side only.  (My passport expired.)  It's a very big complex ecotone.  Every village is different and not all population systems are villages -- some are not even "Indian."

Monday, June 24, 2019


  1. Indigenous plains people were too elusive to control until the idea of eliminating all the buffalo, their source of supply. So who are Trump's buffalo? I don't believe they attend rallies where they are given red hats.
  2. Trump says his rule is "if they hit you, hit them back twice as hard." Good idea. We'll think about how to do it. To you.
  3.  7 hours ago
    A final death will be that of the Republican party, which has become an enclave of blackmail-able old men who are thriving under Trump, who is not even a Republican. History will laugh at these tin men.
  4. It's not as though the way these camps are run is surprising. Private for-profit jails have been doing it for decades. The traumas imposed on refugee children are what created the adults we are punishing. We are making desperation.
  5.  8 hours ago
    So many attacked and demeaned people -- who don't tell -- doesn't mean there's something wrong with the people but that there's something wrong with the system. Why haven't we thought about it?
  6. If a president is exempt from standard law because he is so special, why is there not a special punishment for him? I don't mean political impeachment. I mean criminal consequences. To keep it orderly so a mob won't tear him apart.
  7.  8 hours ago
    If the story about dumped bodies from US refugee camps is proven true, then shouldn't we suspect that the people hired to run these camps have criminal minds if not criminal records?
  8.  8 hours ago
    How do you suppose so many pop-up concentration camps were able to find, vet, and organize guards so quickly? Were they likely to be filtered for bad histories? Do we even check backgrounds of top government secretaries?
  9.  8 hours ago
  10. News of bodies of three small children and a woman appearing to have been dumped to cover up their deaths in our "concentration camps" is horrifying enough. The truth is that keeping people crammed together with no sleep, bad food, no hygiene, no help, is inviting epidemic. If you think that it's someone else's problem, you'd better realize that serious diseases won't be contained by barbed wire. If measles can sweep through communities who are prosperous, think about unattended unknown infections.